Radio 2 breakfast DJ Zoe Ball and rival she beat to the job Sara Cox are no longer close pals despite their pretence

12-01-2019 02:01

MORE proof from the lovely Zoe Ball, as if it were needed, that celebrities are prone to telling more than a few porky pies in interviews about difficult subjects.

The incoming Radio 2 Breakfast Show host says that she and Sara Cox – the rival DJ she beat to the job – are firm pals who consulted each other regularly during the awkward battle.

Sara Cox and Zoe Ball together 14 years ago, when they were close
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That claim is fanciful, to say the least.

The truth of the situation is their close friendship faded as they increasingly competed for similar jobs.

Sure, they don’t hate each other by any means – and are respectful in professional situations – but every BBC staffer I’ve spoken to since I revealed news of the controversial breakfast decision says Sara was left completely gutted.

After all, she had been the long-term sub for Virgin Radio-bound Chris Evans and even got his backing to get the permanent gig.

Zoe Ball has the coveted Radio 2 gig

The drivetime gig was a great consolation prize when Radio 2 chiefs realised the Simon Mayo/Jo Whiley car crash had to come to an end.

Sara Cox will only be used as a stand-in for her former pal
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In fairness to Zoe, she was between a rock and a hard place – anything other than fulsome praise for Sara would have seemed undignified.

But don’t expect these two to be going out together out of choice any time soon.

I wish these superb broadcasters the best of luck in their new roles, which signal the biggest upheaval at the country’s most popular station for decades.

Both have worked very hard to go from Nineties ladettes to two of the country’s favourites on the wireless.

Oh, and their sex is totally irrelevant to me.

As it should be to their bosses.


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