Geordie Shore girls are morphing into each other after copying poses, surgery, clothes and hair

12-01-2019 02:01

THE Geordie Shore cast have never been shy about their love of plastic and aesthetic surgery.

But after a vast amount of nips and tucks the girls are starting to morph into one, with each star adopting the same poses, wardrobe, hair and surgery.

Abbie Holborn, Marnie Simpson, Chloe Ferry and Sophie Kasei look like they’ve sharing tips on how to pose


Chloe underwent a Brazilian butt lift in August 2018 and Marnie is rumoured to have had one too[/caption]


Marnie Simpson, Chloe Ferry and Sophie Kasaei all look the same as they pose in their lingerie[/caption]


Abbie, Marnie and Holly have the same taste in clothes and are often spotted in the same revealing attire[/caption]

When it comes to sharing wardrobes the girls of the MTV show don’t seem to mind and are regularly snapped wearing the same thing as one of their co-stars.

And it seems the lure of cosmetic surgery is just as appealing.

In August 2018 Chloe Ferry, 22, revealed she’d a Brazilian butt lift and was unable to sit down for four weeks.

When Marnie Simpson, 26, joined the show in 2013, she described herself as a ‘natural beauty’ with ‘real boobs and real hair’.


Holly, Chloe and Sophie have all played around with pink hair dye[/caption]


Abbie, Marnie, Chloe and Sophie have all indulged in a spot of snake print[/caption]


Abbie, Marnie, Chloe and Sophie strike a pose in their bikinis[/caption]


Clockwise from top: Abbie, Marnie, Sophie and Chloe relax while on holiday in almost the same pose[/caption]

But since then she’s gone on to have a series of cosmetic enhancements.

Marnie unveiled her third nose job on social media last summer and has also admitted to having, lip fillers, Botox and a breast uplift which left her with scarring.

And it’s not just procedures that are causing the girls’ looks to merge together.

The cast mates seem to all have a similar taste in clothing, hair and posing.



Abbie, Marnie, Chloe Sophie all bare their behinds[/caption]


Chloe and Sophie casaually pose in the same swimsuit, in the same pose[/caption]

Abbie Holborn, 21, who joined the cast in 2017 has admitted she’s ‘addicted’ to cosmetic surgery.

The reality star revealed she’s had procedures including lip, jaw and chin fillers, Botox, veneers and getting her eyebrows tattooed on.

She told The Sun: “The annoying thing is I get so many plastic surgery companies offering me procedures for free and it’s hard to say no. It’s a constant battle not to go overboard.”


Abbie, Marnie, Chloe, Sophie all know what their best angle is[/caption]

Chloe and Sophie make a stand by showing off their bountiful behinds, long hair extensions, naked back and nod to feminism[/caption]

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