Jodie Marsh strips naked apart from a pair of knee high socks for a sweaty gym workout

15-03-2019 11:03

JODIE Marsh has never been shy of flaunting her figure, but she’s taken it to another level in her latest Instagram selfie and posed completely nude in the gym.

The former glamour model, 40, commanded attention on social media yesterday when she posted a full-length mirror selfie wearing nothing but a pair of knee-high pink socks.


Jodie Marsh posed completely nude in the gym for her latest Instagram selfie[/caption]

While her bubblegum pink hair framed her features, the only things protecting her modesty were the silver bars of the weight-lifting equipment she was standing behind.

Jodie shared the racy photo with her 440,000 followers and had her fans asking what gym she was going to – as they want to join.

One fan wrote: “Could do with knowing where that gym is?”

“I wanna train in that gym,” another penned. “Need a gym buddy Jodie? ;)”.


The former glamour model is a former bodybuilder and regularly works out[/caption]

A fourth shared: “If you ever need a incentive to get to the gym that’s it right there.”

It’s not the first time Jodie has posed nude in the gym, she previously shared a similar photo of herself in 2016 with the bars of her weights in the same strategic place.

In January, Jodie’s ex-boyfriend, Wayne Lennox, slammed her in a shock Facebook rant – claiming that the star made him choose between her and his children before their bitter split.

Wayne branded Jodie an “evil bully” and threatened to reveal “every single detail” of their relationship if she “continues to bully” him.

She previously shared a similar photo of herself in 2016 with the bars of her weights in the same strategic place
Jodie announced her split from Wayne on New Year’s Eve

Over Christmas, Jodie announced that Netflix filmmaker Wayne was “the one”, before revealing their shock split on New Year’s Eve.

Jodie claimed that the director’s “secret children” were the reason that their romance had soured, but Wayne tells a different story.

Writing on his social media page, he shared: “I wasn’t going to say anything, but when someone drags your mum, your children and family’s name through the mud and into the newspapers I feel like I have to put some facts into the world.”

Dubbing Jodie’s recent comments “traumatic”, Wayne continued: “There is a sad irony that the girl saying (and making money) from these stories is allegedly an anti bullying champion, so to see her go and try bully me and my loved ones so publicly has been a shock.

Wayne made a lengthy statement on Instagram

“I can tell you I was the one who walked out the door. I won’t go into details as to why, I won’t stoop down to her level of cyber bulling either, let’s just say when you’re given an ultimatum a) the girl who I’ve seen for a few weeks or b) seeing my children I’m going to choose my children over anything.

“My children are my life, and no one should have to choose between seeing your kids or seeing a partner.

“You can read all over her blogs and social media that she has had a problem with my kids since the very start.”

Wayne broke his silence last month
Jodie said that she wanted to ‘bathe in bleach’ after learning that Wayne had ‘hidden a third child’

Jodie previously claimed that she “felt sick” and wanted to “bathe in bleach” after she learned that Wayne had hidden a third child by a third woman from her.

Taking to Instagram at the time, she wrote: “So having spoken to loads of ex girlfriends now, on email, over messenger and over the phone I have just found out that my ex had not two kids by two different women but THREE kids by THREE different women.

“The whole relationship he hid his third kid from me. Wtf?! My mind is blown.

“I may have been an easy target and I may have believed his lies for a short while but I am SO happy to have gotten out when I did…

“I had my eyes opened on NYE as to who he really was and I’m now finding out the extent of his lies.”

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