19-05-2019 17:05

  • I’ve always found Constance Wu to be pretentious but there was also a work about her that I respected too. Her recent sulking about FOTB renewal and her choice of words when she doubled down on excuses was a joke though. The believe women part of it is honestly why even though I see the intention of the women movement… I don’t join it. People really need to stop using their gender, sexuality, class, etc, etc as a scapegoat for their shitty behaviour.
  • I recently got surgery, and they prescribed me Percocet and T3s. I haven’t needed either. I’m not sure how this will come off but… I’ve never really been into drugs but my choice of addiction would be prescription drugs. It never materialized because I’m kind of a square with recreational drugs. That said, I never understood the addiction to painkillers (when you’re not in pain). There’s nothing appealing about mellowing out to good vibes high on drugs. It’s always seemed so boring to me. Even when I tried out the dose, I didn’t like how I felt.
  • I used to let a lot of uncomfortable behaviour slide but I’m learning that if I do that, how does it show people how I’d like to be treated? It just lets people think it’s okay to treat me in a way that’s short of respectful and that’s not chill. I’m surprised at the defense response when I say something but I’m picking up that if they get salty about it, they can honestly get gone.
  • I’ve got borderline bad 80s hair going on right now and I kind of like it. I feel like who I am on the inside and outside is matching up to what is my own personal standards. It’s taken a long ass time to get here but I’m ready to own it. In a time where organic is the rage… I like the artificial parts of me.
  • Undeclared was underrated.
  • I promised myself I was going to do good by me this year and I feel like I’m holding onto that promise. I’ve spent a lot of my life chasing after other people and hoping someone would love me and that’s all changed now. I don’t quite put myself first but I am a part of my priorities. I do what I want without doing anything I want.
  • My Amazon Prime is beginning to get out of hand and because it’s my problem I’m not exactly stopping it.
  • I’m looking forward to going back to the gym when I can. I’ll be restarting yet again. It’s gonna be a drag. I think it’ll stick this time. I’ve stopped being too sure because I’m more of a hopeful/lying asshole that way.
  • I think landing strips are weird. I think trying to keep a strip of hair so you don’t completely feel like a child is … dumb. I didn’t know getting it laser removed that way was a thing either. Why? It doesn’t even look aesthetically pleasing! Get out of here with your pubic mohawk!