SM to Vegas Day 14 (Mar 14, 2019) : Pi Day!

15-03-2019 18:03

Summary:  Santa Monica –> Las Vegas, Polly’s Pies, Alien Fresh Jerky, Nostalgic Street Rods


The drive from Santa Monica to Vegas was reasonably quick once we got through the insane LA traffic, which we did prior to our first stop of the day (for Pi Day): Polly’s Pies.

Polly’s Pies

Our final stop in “LA” (technically Montebello) was Polly’s Pies in honour of Pi Day. We saw a billboard for this place between Palm Springs and San Diego and found one that was on our route. It is actually a restaurant, which wasn’t obvious from the billboard. Maybe next time we will eat here instead of just picking up a couple of pie slices (or maybe not after reading reviews just now). Full pies were $3.14 off, but we declined knowing that was too much pie for one day.

Their gift card display

Plenty of pie flavours, plus it is a restaurant!

No shots of the pie slices we picked up, but we had them at the end of the day. John had coconut cream which he described as tasteless, I had the Chocolate Silk which was delicious. You win some and lose some I guess.

Here are a few road shots from the day, mostly nondescript desert type scenery other than the traffic, our couple of stops, and a Costco car wash. A costco car wash! I have never seen one of these.

Some of the lovely escape from LA traffic

Costco car wash!!

A common sight on the drive

Also common. Traffic generally light outside of LA

World’s biggest thermometer, allegedly (in Baker, CA).

Rest stop where we at our Trader Joe’s salads

A little more scenery

I guess they get their water trucked in

Not sure how you say this name

Some bigger mountains

Alien Fresh Jerky

A quirky stop in Baker, CA, just before the NV border was Alien Fresh Jerky. We saw a sign for it on our way into CA and after reading reviews before we got to Baker, decided to stop in for a break. We did pick up 3 bags of beef jerky ($25USD) and a small (very small) bottle of hot sauce. Worth the stop.

Not just alien jerky, but fresh

The side of the Alien ship

In the parking lot

Not just jerky, lots of other snacks and souvenirs

Many different types of jerky. The ones we tried (there were samples) were very good!

More hot sauce than we’ve seen in one spot before


Nostalgic Street Rods

A last minute (on the drive to Vegas) choice for the afternoon portion of our day was Nostalgic Street Rods ($20USD/pp), selected based on Trip Advisor reviews. The “museum” was actually a bunch of storage units. We were on a “tour” with two other people, “lead” by a guide, who threw in a few stories about some of the family, memorabilia and vehicles, but generally left us alone to peruse the vast collections. What we saw was only a small portion of the actual collection and we could likely make an entire book on just what is here. There are so many cars packed in that it was tough to get clear photos of many. Very impressive but somewhat of a shame that these cars are not out and about more.

Not just cars, but all kinds of memorabilia

Memorabilia Section

Looks like a memorabilia store. A LOT of $$ in here.

Disney. For Lois

A letter from Alexander Graham Bell mailed from Baddeck, NS


Signed by Diana. Many, many, many of the pieces were signed by the “artist” or “athlete”

Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash. There were two of these.

Automotive Section

Sherri Goldstrom’s rig.

Vegas knights everywhere, one of the most recent additions and one that often actually goes out

For those travelling toilet needs

A real Car-B-Q.

One of the first trucks from his demolition business

‘57 with something ridiculous like 400 miles on it. He got a couple new cars per year.

Custom build based on a toy from his childhood.

Included for obvious reasons.

Had an electrical fire so flames added during restoration.

One of the few Dodge’s, he was partial to Ford’s of the 30’s and 40’s

Just a cool car.

They all look pristine.

A few actual drag cars but most were for the street.

The only funny car.