Is Black Social Media our own Downfall?

12-02-2019 01:02

So the Grammy’s premiered last night live in front of millions of people. I would say the show had so many mixed reviews you can’t even keep up. From Alicia Keys hosting the show, to JLo doing the Motown tribute everyone was lowkey on an emotional roller coaster.

The biggest talk of the night however was Cardi who won Best Rap Album! 1st off …..let me congratulate my baby on her win! She worked so hard and I know she is on top of the world. Bardiiiiiii!!!

Of course, the Black community can NEVER celebrate in peace. It’s always Black Twitter and Facebook destroying the hell out of each other. Why must social media put our artist against each other? You never see Sam Smith/Adele fans doing what Cardi and Nicki fans does. You never see Ariana Grande/Jessie J fans doing what Black people do all the time and that’s putting them against each other. I will say the Black Social Media community can be sick we can be our own downfall.

I’m not he only one that agree ….

Clearly Cardi got word of what’s been going on and recently spoke out about after winning the award:

Also Comedienne Lala Milan took to a press conference to voice how we as Black People ho against each other in this industry take a look: