Holy Spirit Music-The Sparrow

19-05-2019 10:05

Matthew 22:9 KJV ” Go ye therefore into the highways, and as many as ye shall find, bid to the marriage.”

The Sparrow sings in the morning, As the Maker, brings His light
The little notes are carried on pure joy of mercy’s flight
And the song, Oh it reminds me, of the morn’ Breath made a man
And the sparrow sang as the Breath came forth, the goodness of God’s hand

The Sparrow sings at noon time, as the heat, it’s blanket laid
The song, is now more sullen, hidden neath the garden’s shade
And the song, Oh it reminds me, of the day the noon was dark
And the sparrow cried as the Breath came forth, man lost without the ARK

The Sparrow sings at evening, the cooling comes, and all grows still
The sharpness of each little beat, reflect the loss, and nature’s chill
And the song, Oh it reminds me, how it’s darkest at midnight
And the sparrow ‘s silent in his nest preparing for the joy of light

And the morning breaks, and all is good, the LORD extends HIS hands
And the little sparrow knows it’s time, readies beautiful light banns
And the song, Oh it reminds me of the dance and wedding feast
And the sparrow’s praise of jubilee calls even for the least

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All Glory and Honour is yours Almighty Father through your Son, JESUS CHRIST!