The invisible cap of stats, should they go? Do you want them gone? Pros vs Cons and also why we should be shown our in game stats like armour, speed, etc via /r/FORTnITE

15-05-2019 18:05

The invisible cap of stats, should they go? Do you want them gone? Pros vs Cons and also why we should be shown our in game stats like armour, speed, etc

Some of you may not know, but in fortnite STW there are invisible caps on certain stats. Two of these stats are the armour ability, and the movement speed ability, I could be wrong but it may also apply to attack speed.

I didn’t care “too much” about discussing the movement speed cap before, but now that the armour perk is up for discussion I figured it’s time to give my 2 cents.

Let’s say you use a ninja and you have a movement speed perk added to your team perks, well this is either going to be fleet foot, or dires night bonus, both of these two perks combined (if you are maining fleet foot) will nearly cap your movement speed. What do I mean? Well it doesn’t tell you but when you reach a certain point, your movement speed basically caps (because it increases at such a bad rate the higher you go it’s nearly unnoticeable that you’re even gaining speed)

Here’s a list of how to gain top speed:

  • fleetfoot ken or dire main +wait till night time

  • activate movement bluglo pylon

  • mark a fragment charge

  • kill an enemy to enter shadow stance

  • craft a baron (the steam hammer) with 3 movement perks

There may be one or two I missed for how to gain additional speed, but even doing three of the things on this list, you’ll notice you don’t get additional speed the way you’re supposed to. Me, having everything active listed above (minus the hammer equipped) means I should be moving over 60% faster than other players. Then equipping the hammer should add an additional 42% movement speed, meaning that overall with all this active I should move 2x the speed of a player, but this isn’t how it works, at most you can hope to move maybe 50% faster than someone else, the tricky thing here is that VISUALLY the movement bonuses are added and make you look like you’re moving faster than you are. Test this out for yourself

The movement speed one is disappointing, but not the main issue here, what I want to bring to light is the armour perk which suffers from this invisible cap too, a cap which should either be removed entirely, or we should be able to see somewhere the value of this stat to be able to adjust it accordingly. Many people have done helpful charts before showing when the declining armour begins, so as you don’t waste time going over board, but what I’m here to talk about is why?

With the new patch notes come a new hero, a hero which has an armour perk, a perk which is alone, cool, but can’t fully be paired for an armour based hero. Bomb squad Kyle, with a hammer giving armour bonus, does not make you as survivable as it should, now that there’s two more armour based hero’s, I really think this system needs to be reworked. Why? Because a thicc constructor (who rightfully should be resistant to damage) should be able to play the role of tank if they do should choose.

I know this game isn’t an mmo, but with different classes come different reasons to play the class. Outlander excels at farming, soldier excels at shooting, the ninja is fast, but getting hit once by a slowing pool or water husk basically renders you immobile, if they changed the way movement speed worked, then I believe ninjas would have higher survivability in end game content. Which brings me to my last point, the constructor, who is designed to hammer, and with a higher hp, designed to take hits, but the era of the highest enemies being 140 is over. Now we have 140 enemies who also have elements in addition to desthburst or other modifiers… I’m not asking for easy mode on end game content so don’t play that card, what I’m suggesting here is to take this stupid invisible cap off of the armour perk so I can actually be a tank constructor.

Constructors use melee, bullrush, decoy and now going constructor, all things keeping you a little bit too close to enemies, me bull rushing a bunch of death burst 140 enemies means, when the bullrush ends and even 4 of the husks die, I’m taking a massive hit to my health, I would even accept constructors having a nerf to compensate for the tankier state of them, like sacrificing a little movement speed for uncapped armour. Think about this. Tank penny is hardly a tank.

As stated above death burst is a literal killer even for constructors in end game, so imagine being a ninja who has a speed cap, and I can’t escape to go heal. Basically end game content is me using a slot for the banner so I can revive close when I die. I’d like the game to support more diverse builds going forward so I don’t just have to rely on traps end game.

Hope you all give some feedback below and let me know if I missed any crucial points in this topic.

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