(Bonus Track) Grammys 2019: As It Happened

12-02-2019 15:02

So I’m gonna try to do this in a stream of consciousnesses style. For those who are not English majors or currently/recently in school that basically means I’m just gotta let my thoughts flow as they happen. I’m gonna expand a little on everything afterwards but the key is to get my initial response in real time. Also – if I don’t speak on it – I had nothing to say about it.

Camilla killed it. I recently watched RENT(The new one on FOX) and this set somewhat reminds me of it. The trumpet player killed it too – found out he was a protege of Dizzy Gillespie – amazing.

Alicia did the thing where a celebrity brings out other celebrities – which is not bad in this case. I liked what everyone had to say and it was nice to see so many different worlds/backgrounds together at once.

LET’S GO JANELLE. WOW THE FUSION OF THE THREE SINGLES. Was hoping for more Django Jane tho but this was still fireeee. Fantastic choreography and seeing her on the guitar live was very cool too.

The John Mayer thing was very sweet and cool.

WOAH…This Is America won Song of The Year? Kinda shocked tbh. Actually very shocked considering the other nominees.

Yeah…need to really dive into H.E.R.’s discography. This is beautiful and she sounds WONDERFUL. Live strings??? A GUITAR SOLO?! Yoooooo.

Live piano made Cardi’s performance even more of a spectacle.

Alicia’s Set of Her Favorite Hits? Need an album version. Now. Also her playing two pianos is dopeeeee.

Wanted King’s Dead to win but them cutting Drake off wasn’t right. But we all know why they did.

I know all the black Moms are loving this Diana  performance but I am too.

YES. TRAVIS. THE MOMENT I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR. MY FAVORITE SONG ON THE ALBUM. BEAUTIFUL PRESENTATION. The cage with the “ragers” was definitely something special. The most creative performance of the night and also the most diverse in terms of atmosphere about the music. 

J-Lo proved me wrong. And I’m glad about it. However I would have liked to see more of Ne-Yo. After watching this performance again I realize I was enjoying the music itself more than her actual vocals. The intention was nice BUT there were multiple other people they could have had do this. 

H.E.R won R&B Album of the year! This will be an unforgettable night for her.

Cardi with Rap AOTY…happy for her considering her story BUT from the quality of the music standpoint…hard disagree.

Aretha tribute was a nice ending performance.

Ayeeee Ludwig accepting on Donald’s award was fire. And the fact he was the only one to speak on 21 says a lot about him and everyone else too. 

So, overall I actually enjoyed the Grammys this year. Having Alicia host was a great decision and she seemed to be having fun the whole time and didn’t do anything annoying or wack as some other hosts have. While I wasn’t jumping up and down over every single performance ALL the performances sounded good in terms of presentation and quality and there’s nothing wrong with that. HOWEVER, as usual there were some stiff transitions in terms of genres being performed and then the awards that were presented after. Also, sometimes the people who were presenting the awards had zero connection to the genre they were presenting but this is done intentionally. 

The Awards themselves were not completely surprising but every year I have a sliver of hope that makes me think “maybe they’ll get it right this time”. But,every year I am just proven wrong. The fact “This Is America” won so many awards is surprising however because it got all of it’s attention from the music video – not the song itself.  Drake’s speech captured what many of us have been thinking for years and the fact he shared that mindset WHILE accepting the award was the biggest moment of the night. I’ll continue to listen to and appreciate the projects I love no matter if they get recognition or not.