Nappies VS pull ups

24-03-2019 08:03

If you are anything like me you have tried to get away with using pull ups as opposed to nappies. If you are able to use pull ups I a slightly jealous. I found both had their advantages and disadvantages. I will go through some of the main issues and benefit of these products.

Absorbency: Pull ups do not absorb as much as a nappy. Yes their are some pull ups out there Such as the Tena Maxi pants and Molicare Super pants but in my experience nappies are more absorbent.

Changing: Nappies are much easier to change especially when out. With pull ups you have to take your shoes, trousers etc off to put a new one on.

Discreetness: Pull ups are more slimline and do look more like everyday underwear if accidently seen.

Price: Nappies are cheaper then pull ups and you normally get more nappies in a pack than you do pull ups.

Going to the toilet: With pull ups you can just pull them down and go to the bathroom if you have made it on time or if a bowel movement I needed. With nappies this is a little harder especially if the nappy is plastic backed and usually results in having to change in to a new nappy after.