abstraction, or the abstracted

25-06-2019 05:06

brown and white snake

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

“inside the serpent’s mouth
lies the serpent’s tongue
a servant’s master
the sum of none
the more you bleed
the more you believe
so come grasp this dirt
to know the cold dead feel
a mantle of skin
on an oceanic ball of magma
induction into loop
into destruction
for the renewal
of the temporal
non est chao
per universum iussit”

notes… one of those that just came to me in some weird way, the muse, inspiration, whatever you may call it… I am hinting at plate tectonics here as well… I am a bit of a science wonk after all… and the latin ?  nah, if you want to know search it out…