The Kingdom Of TALOOT.

11-05-2019 10:05

The Bani Israel had a system of government that used to run in such a way that there would always be a king among them who would operate the administrative matters of the country and there would be a Nabi who used to guide the people about the laws of Shari’ah and religious rulings. It had been established since long that the kingdom would be from the Ineage of Yahood Ibn Ya’qoob عليه السلام and the Prophet Hood would be always from the lineage of Laawi Bin Ya’qooba عليه السلام.

When Sayyiduna Shamweel عليه السلام was blessed with the Prophethood there was no king at that time and the people of the Bani Israel requested him to appoint someone as a king for them.


Then following the commandment of Allah عزوجل , Sayyiduna Shamweel عليه السلام appointed Taloot as a king who was highly scholarly among the Bani Israel and had strong built but he was very poor. For his living he either used to tan leather or herd goats. Due to this, the Bani Israel raised objection that Taloot is not from the royal family so how can he be their king.? They were more deserving of kingship as they bolonged to the royal family Since Taloot didn’t possess any wealth, so how can a poor person deserves the royal throne.! In reply to the objections raised by the Bani Isracl Sayyiduna Shamweel عليه السلام delivered the following Quranic sermon:

He (the Prophet) sald, ‘Allah has chosen him over you, and has bestowred upon hlm enormous knowledge and physique’ And Allah may bestow His kingdom on whomsoever He wiits And Alilah is All-Encompassing All-Knowing. And thetr Prophet said to them, ‘Indeed the sign of hts kingdom uill be the coming of a (rooden) box to you, containing that which is the contentment of hearts from your Lord.

[Kaz-ad-Iman (Transation of Quran)] (Part 2, Surah Al-Raaah, Ayah 247-248

Therefore, after a short while, four angels came with a box and placed it near Sayyiduna Shamweel عليه السلام Seeing this, the Bani Israel accepted the kingship of Taloot After becoming king, Taloot did not only take control of the government system of the country but also recruited new military personnel’s and went for the Jihad against the pagans of the Amaligah tribe. Allah عزوجل has described this event in the Holy Quran as:

And their Prophet said to them, “Indeed Allah has sent Taloot (Saul) as your king” they said, “Why should he have kingship over us and we deserve the kingship more than htm, and nor has he been given amiple wealth’.? He (the Prophet) said, “Allah has chosen him over you, and has bestoued upon him enormous knowledge and physique”. And Allah may bestow His kingdom on whomsoever He wills. And Allah is All-Encompassing, All-Knowing. And thetr Prophet said to them, “Indeed the sign of his kingdom will be the coming of a (wooden) box to you, containing that which is the contentment of hearts from your Lord; some relics left behtnd by the honoured Musa and the honoured Haroon (Aaron), carried by the angels. Indeed in it is a great sign for yor, If you believe.

[Kan-l-Imant (Translation of Quran)] Part 2, Seraft Al-Baqrah, Ayah 247-248)


1. This event provides several pearls of guidance. One clear lesson that we learn from it is that there are no limits to the favours and the grace of Allah عزوجل and if He عزوجل Wills, He عزوجل can make the most inferior of people the most rich one within no time. You see Sayyiduna Taloot was a man with a weak social status and was so poor that he used to earn his livelihood either by tanning the leather or by herding the goats, but in an instant, Allah عزوجل made him an autonomous king.

2. From this event and from the text of above Ayahs of the Holy Quran, we come to know that for kingship, physical strength and profound knowledge are more important than wealth. As without physical capabilities and knowledge, it is difficult and almost impossible to operate the administrative matters of the kingdom. Thus we come to know that the worth of knowledge is far greater than that of the wealth.

(والله تعالى اعلم)

written by Ahtesham Ali Farooqui From India (Founder Of Kanz-Ul-Rahmat Organisation)