Coronation Street spoilers: Sally Metcalfe saved as Duncan Radfield is unmasked?

08-01-2019 15:01

(Picture: ITV)

The end could be in sight for Sally Metcalfe and her stint behind bars, if Tim and Sophie’s plot to get her freed goes to plan in Coronation Street.

Of course, things have rarely gone to plan for Sally of late, so Tim and Sophie have their work cut out to pull this one off.

Having been told by the police that nothing can be done for Sally without a confession, they put their thinking caps on. Something serious has to be done to get Sally freed. When their plan to get Duncan’s daughter Olivia to spill the beans on her dad didn’t work, they were left needing to up their game. But they hit a serious setback when Duncan was hit by a van after Tim went after him for a confession.

Duncan’s in a critical condition – could he die and take the truth to his grave?

(Picture: ITV)

Or this could be the reversal of fortunes they need. Tim admits to Sophie that he’s part of the reason Duncan was hit – he was giving chase when Duncan was hit by the van. Tim also confesses he left him for dead. After learning the truth, Sophie goes to the hospital to see Duncan and is left gobsmacked when she finds herself face to face with Duncan’s wife May. Sensing an opportunity, Sophie sneaks a photo and they find themselves with a bargaining chip.

Tim heads to the hospital to show the photo to Duncan and to put pressure on him to come clean – will he bow down to their threats?

Their plan hits a snag when Duncan sticks to his story, so Tim decides they need to target May. Sophie calls her, but she does a bunk. Gina might just save the day though after all her wrongdoing, when she finds May at the tram stop. She begs her to tell the truth, if not for Sally for Olivia, but will May come through? Will Sally have her freedom?

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