Emmerdale spoilers: Cain Dingle destroyed as Joe Tate truth is exposed to Debbie

19-12-2018 16:12

(Picture: ITV)

Cain Dingle is set to be left shattered in Emmerdale as he confesses the truth (or what he believes to be the truth) about Joe Tate’s death to his struggling daughter Debbie and realises that she is unlikely to ever forgive him.

When a tearful Debbie admits to her dad that she can’t ever move on from Joe until she gets closure, he decides that he has to be honest and he tells her that Joe is dead – and he is responsible.

As Debbie’s world implodes all over again, she soon makes the discoveries that Graham and Moira have also been lying to her but it’s her relationship with Cain that is the biggest loss and she makes it clear she wants nothing more to do with him.

(Picture: ITV)

Jeff Hordley, who plays him, explained: ‘He just cant hold it in. She realises that Graham was part of all this and in cahoots with her dad, as well as the loss of Joe and that he didn’t run off and leave her at the altar. It’s too much and she breaks down at Home Farm – Charley was amazing in the scenes.

‘He explains it was a freak accident and Graham backs him up. For Debbie, it’s more the betrayal, he’s watched her being on edge and looked to Cain for answers and he’s lied to her for months. Then she realises Moira was in on it. I don’t know whats going to happen now. To play the truth of this there has to be a rift. But can they come back from that?’

When asked if Cain is a broken man after this, Jeff conceded, adding: ‘Indeed, like never before. A new low on a par with when Zak bludgeoned him and he went down after that dark road.’