Emmerdale spoilers: Who stabs Vanessa Woodfield in attack on the Woolpack?

09-01-2019 12:01

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Devastation is set to hit Emmerdale when Vanessa Woodfield is left to die after interrupting an arson attack on the Woolpack.

Vanessa spots a hooded figure splashing petrol about the place ready to burn it down, and when the figure realises they’ve been rumbled they stab Vanessa before making a getaway in her car – with little Johnny strapped in the back.

Actress Michelle Hardwick has revealed that the criminal is a man, but other than that his identity is being kept under wraps. But there is plenty of men with a vendetta against Charity, the Dingles, and even Vanessa. Which one hates them enough to do the deed?

Is it Joe Tate?

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Everyone thinks Joe’s dead right now, what a perfect time for him to enact revenge, if he’s alive that is. And he’s got a fair bit to be angry about, given that Cain Dingle supposedly murdered him and he and Graham covered it up. If he is indeed alive he might have a bone to pick with them, and might start his revenge by taking down Charity Dingle’s pub. Does he stab Vanessa to keep his identity a secret?

Could Mandy’s son Vinnie be to blame?

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He’s insanely awkward and shy, but could it all be a big ruse? Mandy left the Dales with her huge secret still in tact, could whatever it is be motive enough for Vinnie to get violent?

She originally left the village in 2001 in a cloud of shame having cheated on Paddy. Could her son Vinnie be wanting revenge for years of being shunned by the Dingle family? He’s spent 16-years growing up without them around him, and possibly even without knowing his real dad (even though Mandy swears old Pads is not the father). Could resentment drive Vinnie to pick up the petrol cans to burn the Woolpack and turn on Vanessa when she rumbles him?

Is it someone from Charity’s past?

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DI Bails has one heck of a vendetta against Charity after she finally had him sent down for rape and unlawful imprisonment, and while he’s serving 30 years in prison it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that he could have got some, maybe even linked to Charity’s past to exact the terrible revenge.

Is this how Bails finally gets his vengeance?

Could it be Lachlan?

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Lachlan has begun attacking the Dingles again. Having ordered a skivvy to send Belle dead flowers to unsettle her and murdering their pig Gloria in cold blood, he’s clearly out for revenge despite his innocent act. Could he have paid someone to attack the pub to really hit the Dingles where it hurts?

Could Kirin be behind it?

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Kirin is the father of Vanessa’s baby, but has been on the run after he got drunk and accidentally killed Tess Harris in a hit and run. He learned about the paternity when it came to light his dad had falsified the DNA results. But he spiralled downwards and his moment of stupidity led to him having to flee the country. Has he come back for Johnny and to be a proper father? And does he want Vanessa out of the way?

Kirin’s evil dad Rakesh?

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Rakesh never wanted Vanessa to have Johnny, and when she first became pregnant she doctored the paternity tests so the results showed Adam as the father rather than Kirin. When the truth came out Kirin lashed out, but later ruined his life by going on a drinking binge which resulted in a fatal hit and run. Rakesh helped him flee the country, but could he now have decided he wants his grandson in his life? He’s also been part of an arson attack in the past when he targeted Mill Cottage

Is Declan back for revenge on Charity?

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Declan has unfinished business with Charity. His previous attempts to kill her were thwarted, and he returned from the dead after she shot him to turn her whole family against her. But now that her life is back on track, she’s playing happily families with Vanessa, and her business is thriving, is he back for final revenge? He’s also got form for arson – he once set fire to Home Farm prepared to burn it down with him inside, although he changed his mind and Megan nearly lost her life. He knows his way around a can of fuel and a lighter.

Is this why Billy’s back?

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Billy has ruffled feathers with his reappearance after his stint inside. He’s fresh out of prison and desperately trying to prove he’s changed, he’s even managed to cause a rift in the Dingle family by moving in with Marlon and Jessie who are sure he’s changed. Could he have a secret motive? Could his desire to want to start with a clean slate all be a double bluff? It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that he made allegiances with Lachlan inside – could Billy be doing his bidding?

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