Ara – Decentralized Content Marketplace and Platform on Ethereum. Real partners, Ex Spotify, Amazon, Limewire team.

21-01-2019 23:01

Hey Guys and Gals, We are a team of engineers and builders that have been working in digital content for collectively decades combined. We built a protocol for content distribution, monetization, DID, and rewards from our work distributing content for major studios and labels like Sony, Disney, Fox, NBCU, Warner Brothers, and more. The DCDN (not IPFS or Bittorrent) can handle any asset type, and can do things like versioning, public vs private, and be wrapped in streaming protocols. Much of it is technically blockchain agnostic (we built it privately initially using DHT), but we built the licensing layer on Ethereum. We’ve been building for over a year and haven’t done an token sale yet.It’s currently on testnet in beta, and there are quite a few partners already signed on to launch. Our goal is to make blockchain technology usable and valuable to the creators, consumers, and app developers.Here is some more info, and we’d love for you to be involved. Feedback much appreciated! Also: r/AraBlocks​ /r/ethereum