Pi Day

16-03-2019 04:03

close up of berry pie

Yesterday was Pi Day, and while I dropped the ball once again on the actual day (lot’s going on that I will try and update you on later), I wanted to share some pie/pie-themed recipes that are next on my “to bake” list! Who else uses Pi Day as an excuse to bake? I honestly don’t think we should ever celebrate equations, or anything related to math, so instead I choose to celebrate in the form of sweet treats, thank you very much 😉 What’s next on your baking list? Did you celebrate Pi Day? Let me know your favorite pie recipes!

Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie

Image from Inspired By Charm

Hand Held Lemon Pies

Image from Julie Measures

Key Lime Pie

Image from Sally’s Baking Addiction

Cherry Pie Bites

Image from Cincy Shopper

Deep Dish Apple Pie

Image from Sally’s Baking Addiction