Brexit: Second referendum now probably scenario, according to bookmaker

16-12-2018 14:12

The bookmakers have shortened the chances of a second referendum. A leading betting company has found that citizens' votes are the most likely Brexit scenario.

A Final Say vote before the end of 2020 is, according to William Hill, a "probability rather possible". It is the first bookmaker to give a second referendum a chance of more than 50 percent.

The company offers a quota of 8/11 in a new EU vote and judges that there is a 54 percent chance for the next two years.

The bookmaker also increased the chances that the Brexit agreement of Prime Minister Theresa May before 31 March to 5/22. Approved by Parliament.

"The deal looks in the water, and we believe Theresa has only a few options left," said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams. "The first would be to revoke Article 50, the second is another referendum and we believe the second will be the tastier option."

It is reported that some of Mrs. May's closest advisers are now actively preparing for a second referendum to overcome the Brexit deadlock.

Cabinet Minister David Lidington, Ms. May's de facto MP, has met with Labor MPs to discuss a cross-party consensus on the idea of ​​another vote The Sunday Times,

The newspaper also claimed that Mrs. May's chief of staff, Gavin Barwell, supported the idea.

Lidington Cabinet officials have reportedly discussed the possibility of giving voters a choice between the Prime Minister's deal and a no-deal Brexit. They assume that members of the lower house have the opportunity to stay in the EU to vote.

Mr Barwell denies that he has a referendum in one tweet on Sunday morning.

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Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt insisted that the cabinet argue in the dispute over the further development of Brexit, insisting that Britain would "thrive" even in the event of a no-deal exit from the EU.

He said The Sunday telegraph"I've always thought that even in a no-deal situation, this is a great country. We will find a way to thrive and thrive. In our history, we faced much greater challenges. "

Mr. Hunt also said he wanted a "crack" to succeed Ms. May as prime minister.

Jo Johnson, a Conservative MP supporting a referendum, said many MPs are now talking about how to prepare for a second referendum.

"In reality, no-deal will be unacceptable to Parliament, in which situation we need a Plan B," he told Sky News. "There are discussions about what will happen next."

Mr. Johnson said that if Ms. May failed in parliament she would "clarify the minds of cabinet members about the need for a referendum".

Education Minister Damian Hinds denied that the government was planning a second referendum. Mr Hinds said: "No, a second referendum would be in disagreement. We had the referendum, we had the referendum and now we have to start implementing it. "

MEP Rebecca Long-Bailey, Shadow Business Secretary, said on Sunday she opposes a second EU referendum: "I think we have to respect the (original) referendum."

While the chances of a second referendum have diminished in recent weeks, both Ladbrokes and Coral offer a 6/5 quota in another EU poll. Both companies claim that no second vote at 4/6 remains the most likely outcome.

The Independent has launched its # FinalSay campaign to demand that voters vote in the final Brexit deal.

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