Holly Willoughby cries over the blind football fan, 10, who has lost 96% of his skin

12-02-2019 11:02

An inspiring football fan, 10, who lost his eyesight and 96% of his skin after a rare illness, brought both These Morning viewers and Holly Willoughby to tears today.

Declan Bitmead appeared today with his mother in the ITV newspaper to talk to Holly and Phil.

The Man United fan was just seven years old when he had a bad reaction to amoxicillin, which he got for tonsillitis.

"We thought he was really tired of playing football and the next day he woke up and he was covered by the rash," his mother revealed.

At first his parents rang 111, but they knew something was very wrong.

Declan Bitmead appeared this morning with his mother

The supporter of Man United was only seven years old when he suffered a bad reaction to amoxicillin

"We hung up and had a faint feeling that it was worse than that," she said, explaining that they had called for an ambulance.

Paramedics believed he had chickenpox, but only later was he diagnosed with Stevens-Johnson syndrome. a rare autoimmune disease that breaks down the skin.

Declan has a Stevens-Johnson syndrome; a rare autoimmune disease

Holly was in tears over his positive attitude

Declan later began to vomit blood, and he had to be taken to an intensive care unit.

After that, he lost his eyesight and was blindly registered.

She was very touched by his reaction

Nevertheless, Declan's love of football has not disappeared.

He is due to appear on Davina McCall's "This Time Next Year" as he learns to play football blindly, blinding everyone and rattling in soccer balls.

Phil offered him the opportunity to become a mascot during a cup match

Holly could not stop crying about the sweet moment

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Angry on this morning spectator

After the interview, Declan was thrilled when Phil revealed that they had arranged him as a mascot during an FA Cup match.

Clearly touched, Holly started to cry and Phil had to handkerchiefs.

She dabbed at her eyes and said, "I'm sorry, it was your face when we told you it was so beautiful."

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