Strictly Come Dancing's Claudia Winkleman must not know the celebrity cast before we do it

12-02-2019 14:02

One of the funniest parts of a Strictly come dance Fan looks at all the rumors and tries to find out who is taking part in the show each year.

But if you're trying to get some insider information about which celebrities are in the lineup, do not just ask hostess Claudia Winkleman.

The moderator was on today (12th of February) This morning with Tess Daly, where she revealed that the BBC did not give her a name ahead of time.

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Tess Daly, Claudia Winkleman, NTA's red carpet

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"They tell me now after they tell the press," she told Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

"One year was very secret: Close the door, ring the phones and look down, here's who's doing it.

"At the BBC got in the elevator, went down and someone went," Oh yes, you do that Strict Show. Do you know who does it? & # 39; Said the whole list of names. "

She said that had led her to get the reputation of being "a bit leaky" and being banned.

Oh, Claudia. Never change.

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Phil and Holly tried to find out if Huw Edwards was actually doing the show this year, but Claudia and Tess did not reveal anything. The Strict The hosts said their dream guests were Sir Michael Caine and Liz Hurley.

This morning is broadcast every weekday (and now also on Sundays) from 10.30 clock on ITV.

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