Why Antoine Griezmann changes to FC Barcelona is not a problem for Manchester United – Dominic Booth

16-05-2019 07:05

The despair of many fans of Manchester United regarding the transfer window opened today was reflected in the response to Antoine Griezmann's Atletico Madrid bomb earlier this week.

The words had hardly left Griezmann's mouth that he would end his five-year stay with Atleti, as United fans in droves responded to it and asked the club to "do anything" to bring the Frenchman to Old Trafford.

History plays an important role in this desire to see United in red, as well as the recent alarming form of Ole Gunnar Solskjær's strikers. A team whose strikers have failed to score in the last nine games of the season could certainly use a player from Griezmann's caliber, they argued coherently.

But despite the temptation United has not moved this time for the 28-year-old and has not landed him since summer 2017 near. At that time Griezmann refused a approach of the Red to stay with Atletico. at that time were under a transfer ban and could not sign a replacement. He was committed to them and would not join United out of pure loyalty.

The World Cup winner has been down in the last two years, but MEN Sport expects United to have long expected Griezmann to come to Barcelona this summer. And an offer that meets its Atleti clearance clause of 125 million euros is indeed expected in the coming days.

Many United fans will consider this as another blow, but also as a kick in the teeth for a club struggling to find its way through a difficult summer remodeling.

And while that fits in with United's story right now, it may be far from the target.

Griezmann was perhaps a perfect commitment two years ago, but for Solskjaer he barely fits this summer. Even if United had been ahead of Barcelona in the race, it could have been a mistake.

All you have to do is look at Alexis Sanchez to find out why. Yes, many will argue that Griezmann is even a step above the old Arsenal version of Sanchez, but at the age of 28 and with no guarantee that his best years lie ahead of him, he would be a risky buy. Whether you're paying a transfer fee of more than 100 million pounds or a five-year contract.

Such deals are not for United in the foreground, since the transfer window opens a world of possibilities.

Solskjaer has talked about signing up three or four players over the next few months and forming his squad around a native base.

Expensive players in their late twenties are fine, but the expensive deal with Sanchez has burned the reds' fingers. Gareth Bale is probably shunned for the same reasons this summer. Solskjaer does not want "marketable" names, he wants enthusiastic young players with room for improvement that can embed themselves in the structure of the club.

There was a lasting indication that the appeal of playing alongside Paul Pogba could pull Griezmann to Old Trafford. The two are big friends in the French locker room, although Griezmann always laughed at the suggestion.

"If we could have it every day …" Pogba joked during a PR-led France interview between the two players in March.

"It would be nice to play with you and win trophies," the Atletico striker replied, then hastily added, "But be careful, that does not mean I want to go to Manchester United."

Manchester United fans want Antoine Griezmann to come to Paul Pogba in England.
Manchester United fans want Antoine Griezmann to come to Paul Pogba in England.

From United's point of view, it may not have been the best result to oblige Griezmann to meet Pogba's needs, following recent criticism of the midfielder who has his own transfers to Real Madrid.

The innumerable reasons for Not Then Griezmann begins to get involved with the Old Trafford bosses.

There is no doubt that United is demanding quality this summer, and the quest for Jadon Sancho shows the association attaches great importance to offensive reinforcements.

But the pursuit of Griezmann might always be doomed to failure, but maybe that's not a bad thing. These 100 million pounds could be spent more meaningfully elsewhere because Manchester United is experiencing a huge summer of change.

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