A boy sues Tommy Robinson after storming comments at school

16-05-2019 14:05

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Tommy Robinson sued for £ 100,000 in damages for online comments he's made

A Syrian schoolboy filmed being attacked in a schoolyard is suing activist Tommy Robinson for comments online.

A video showing Jamal Hijazi pushed to the ground and threatened with drowning by another student from the Almondbury School in Huddersfield was put online last year.

Mr. Robinson claimed on Facebook that Jamal had attacked girls at school.

Attorney Tasmine Akunjee said her client was claiming £ 100,000 in damages.

Mr. Akunjee said that a complaint against Mr. Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, had been filed Wednesday in the High Court.

"It's about defaming Yaxley-Lennon's statements last year about Jamal Hijazi," he said.

"He made some comments on Jamal's assaults as part of attacks on young white girls at school, which is wrong."

After sharing the sequence, an online appeal page to help the boy and his family raised more than £ 50,000.

The 16-year-old boy who filmed the attack on Jamal received a police warning for assault in March.

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A video showing the aggression of Jamal, then aged 15, was broadcast on social media.

On Tuesday, Robinson, the former head of the English Defense League, was informed that he was facing further contempt of court.

The High Court judges ordered the opening of a new trial against him for allegations that he could have harmed a jury involved in a criminal trial last year.

The 36-year-old from Luton was sentenced to 13 months in May 2018 for filming and broadcasting images of those involved in the trial, but this finding was overturned in August after being appealed. .

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