Love Island bosses "are desperately hiding why Sherif left to avoid another scandal"

13-06-2019 08:06

Love Island bosses are desperately trying to hide the real reason for Sherif Lanre's sudden exit to escape another scandal, a TV insider claims.

The 20-year-old chef left the villa under mysterious circumstances this week and revealed in a statement that he had "broken a rule" but refused to say which many wild theories would be encouraged by viewers.

According to a source close to the show, producers demanded secrecy for the incident, and the security forces even worked to keep Sherif's family from talking about what really happened.

The TV insider told The Sun: "Love Island is a money machine, and ITV takes no chances to fuel the fire by revealing scandalous details.

Sherif left the villa in just nine days

"This year there is additional pressure and the producers have reminded all participants to be extra careful, and all participants were told that they could talk to anyone at any time when they felt under pressure, but also remembered the rules to which they joined. "

A spokesman for the ITV2 series told the Mirror: "Security is provided to help families as part of our duty of care."

After leaving Mallorca, Sherif was seen arriving in London last night. He looked annoyed when he got out of a taxi shortly before his departure on Love Island.

Sherif was last seen in the mansion with partner Anna Vakilli, though his output was never aired

Sherif was not seen in the last episode, but his former partner Anna Vakili announced his departure by declaring that she was now single.

After rejoining his phone yesterday, Sherif posted for the first time since leaving for Instagram.

He said to his followers, "Many thanks to all, including my friends and family, for the support I have come back to.

"I appreciate all of you and hope that during my time on Love Island I have offered some good, positive moments and for those who wonder if I'm okay."

Sherif followed his testimony with his tongue on his cheek: "It's what it is" – which has become a joke about phrases on the show – and "Better Things for the Future".

Sherif made a statement to Instagram

The spectators want to know the truth

After the last line, Sherif's clenched fist emoji urged some fans to speculate on whether it was his way of pointing out that there had been a fight.

There have been rumors since Sherif's departure that he would be beaten with co-star Anton Danyluk at the villa.

There were many wild theories about what Really By chance, Sherif was booted out of the villa in just nine days.

From the secret use of his mobile phone to masturbation to flashing, fans have speculated about which of the rules of the series he has broken.

Sherif admitted to violating one of the stringent rules of the series

While the exact reason for his withdrawal is not yet known, a TV insider told the Mirror: "Sherif made a stupid mistake and was immediately called to the beach hut – it was not a criminal matter and he was approached and accepted" go, "said us an insider from Love Island.

"Sherif knew he had to leave immediately after being called to the beach hut.

"There were no security forces involved."

One source has since told the Mirror that none of the remaining Love Island performers had officially disclosed the reason for the sheriff's ax, though it was serious enough that he was immediately released from the mansion.

The message seems to confirm that Sherif's "silly mistake" was a solo act of rebellion, for which he was taken to the beach hut for a serious talk with the producers.

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