FC Barcelona snatch away record champions England talent

12-07-2019 10:07

After the Bayern lost the poker for the Dutch talent Sepp van den Berg against Liverpool, the record champions must now apparently settle for the next bust on the transfer market.

According to consistent media reports, FC Bayern was one of many top clubs that have sought the services of young Englishman Louie Barry. According to "ESPN" information next to the record champions Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus Turin and Manchester United have been interested in the 16-year-old striker. The contract was secured but the FC Barcelona.

Among the Catalans Barry, who made headlines in 19 games in 18 games especially in the English U-teams signed a contract for three years. How Barca won the home-grown race at West Bromwich Albion also attracted a lot of attention.

A week ago, Barry completed a medical checkup at Paris Satin-Germain and was about to sign. But at the last minute, the Spanish champions still intervened and snatched the talent away from PSG. The overall package in Barcelona should ultimately have convinced Barry and his attachment.

For the youngster Barca transfers a transfer fee of 130,000 euros. This amount is determined by FIFA within the framework of the regulations. Allegedly, however, FC Barcelona is ready to make further back payments to demonstrate its goodwill, reports "ESPN". English media reports that the total amount could amount to around 250,000 euros.