I’m going on an adventure!

06-12-2018 04:12

Here comes the crucial moment when I have to organize the trip of my dreams in Guyana (I am so excited!).

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This region is so full of facets that I can not wait to discover it. I intend to make a trip not easy, like the Guyana, which will be an adventure: hiking, camping, canyoning will be part of the program !. But as I arrive in town, near Cayenne, the beginning of the trip will be calm and relaxing to recover back from the jet lag and the plane. Then, I will tackle the more exciting activities.

Day 1:

– arrival in Guyana, at the international airport Felix éboué, 15km from the capital Kayenne.
– join Cayenne and visit the city in the afternoon to enjoy the delights of capital (see the article on this city). With a little amount of chance and pixie dust, maybe even attempt to see the famous carnival!

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Day 2:

– to move on the beaches of Remire near Cayenne, in order to observe the laying of turtles’ eggs.

– Visit the Hmong cocoa market to take advantage of local specificities and see the museau of “planeur bleu”, in which is exposed a huge exhibition of insects.

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a turtle luth’s baby that we can see in Guyana 

Day 3:

-visit the big city of Saint Laurent du Maroni

– go to Awala Yalimapo, an authentic Native American village.

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Awala Yalimapo

Day 4:

– an activity that I have been waiting for a long time! The visit of the internationally renowned Guyanese Space Center. If I’m lucky, I could even attend a test launch of a rocket.

– Afternoon relaxation near the Cove Organabo.


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Day 5:

– we begin to attack the thrills: we are about to spend 24 hours, in total plunge into the natural world of Guyana in the swamp of Kaw.


A baby crocodile, which can be seen in the Kaw’s swamp 

Day 6:

– departure for Canopy, to discover the forest. Here, through installations made by autochtonous, we can climb and go from trees to trees thanks to the suspension bridge. after this perilous expedition, the view is cut off the breath.

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a suspension bridge right in the Canopée

Day 7:

– Wild swimming on the royal island

– Take plane to get to A Saul, a place in the heart of the Amazon forest. This village is like a temporal parenthesis: No car or asphalt road. 5 hiking trails are practicable.

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typical landscape in Saul

Day 8:

– great hike in the heart of the forest in Saul

– the discovery of the forest.

Day 9:

– return flight to the Maroni River.

– the discovery of the surroundings and canoe tour along the Maroni

-resting and housing in a typical shack of the Ameridians.

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Canoe on the Maroni River

Day 10:

– hiking near Iracoubo and visit of its church, with HUGE (600 kms) frescoes.

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Frescoes in the church 

day 11:

– we return to urban life in Kourou.

– Ameridian archeology tower with engraved Carapa rocks.

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some signs that we can see on the rocks

Day 12:

– hiking on the path of the Rorota (about 5km) with a guide to see wild animals such as lazy or iguanas.

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Day 13:

– travel to “Ilet la mère”, an island where hundreds of monkeys are walking on the trails and are not afraid of humans!

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Monkeys on the island

Day 14:

– return to the airport to catch the plane 😦

The trip is over!