Video Game TV Shows

12-01-2019 23:01

People have been playing video games since for a long era of time now, starting with pong in 1958. As the rising success as well as the 1983 video game crash, gaming has been a common hobby ever since. They even made some TV shows for most of the big video game mascots in 1980 to 1990.  I will be going over some of the shows as well as to try and see if it’s good or not. This will just be my opinion, you don’t have to read it and take my word. Anyways on to some of the cartoons

As always, some of these cartoons can be amazing to it’s source material and some can be a bit bad. I will start on the positive note because it’s been a long time since I watched these on Youtube. The first one I will be going is Pokemon. A show that has been still going on till this day, Pokemon is a anime that is basted of the game that has the same name. It has perfectly nailed what a video game TV show should be. The story is great, the characters are memorable as well as being based off  actual characters from the game, This show has still stood the test of time and has a great reason for stay here in the modern era. There’s also another one that I would like to mention that’s also really good, being Kirby: right back at ya. A show that I have a history with other than Pokemon, This was one of my favorites when I was a kid, now my opinion hasn’t even changed at all. The show was even made by Nintendo and Hal laboratories.

Now that I have the good things out of the way, time to dive in to the bad. Unfortunately, we have to start off with a big name, this being The Super Mario Bros super show. This cartoon was kinda memorably bad, but kinda in a hilarious way. It had live action parts that were a bit weird, the animated parts were kinda based off on things that aren’t even about the game itself. They even made episodes that are similar to The revolutionary war and even star wars. Although it’s kinda bad by a few people’s standards, I respect the show for trying to be itself.

Video game TV shows were interesting, but they are at least trying to be different from one another.  It’s also nice to see that if one of your favorite video game characters on the local cartoon channel you are most fond of and it’s also great to go back into the nostalgia.