Strawberry Fields Forever

24-06-2019 03:06


strawberry picking 8

Nothing better then fresh strawberries in the Summer. Even better picking your own. 

Strawberry picking is one of my favorite activities to do with the boys.  With all the rain, I wanted to time going just right so the fields weren’t too muddy.  The forecast on Wednesday said no rain so we packed up and headed to a local farm that we have been picking at for the last five years.

When we got there and Huck decided to have a timely blow-out. Typical.

Trying to change a baby in a front seat while not getting it everywhere is not easy. Just a reminder to expect the unexpected and come prepared. Sanitize and GO!

Life with a newborn is always messy!

strawberry picking

Unfortunately, I didn’t time this well and it was right during his feeding time. He was hungry and mad!  He cried and cried.  Thank goodness for the Boba Wrap! I was able to conveniently nurse him and while staying concealed. 

strawberry picking 2

This may be my favorite photo from the day. I had it developed to frame.

 Link for wrap: Boba Wrap

However, this counted me out of bending over to pick.  I pointed out the jackpots. They picked them. We ended up with some white ones. I think Oliver thought we could get done faster if he just filled the bucket fast. 

strawberry picking 4 - Copy

I think Sawyer ate more than what we paid for 🤣🤣 He said he just came to pick and eat. Fresh-picked are the best. I hope the farm doesn’t see this!

strawberry picking 7

Normally when we go I wear long pants, long shirt, and boots. I’m allergic to the leaves and hit or miss, I break out in hives. I always look like a hotmess in pictures. I wanted to snap a few while we were there so this cotton button down skirt was an easy choice to throw on. When we got back home and I looked at photos, it had country chic look to it.

And if you ever do have a break out from strawberry plants, I have found that Lavender and Tea Tree Essential Oil helps calm the irritation.

strawberry picking 9

I love the button details and pockets. It also comes in other colors, but I love the yellow the most. It’s a perfect, under $20, skirt for church, concerts, showers, and weddings. It can be casual to dressy depending on the top you wear with it. Like below when I wore it church.

yellow skirt


We picked out  close to ten pounds of strawberries. I was hoping for more, but the boys began to complain how tired and hot they were. I love to have enough to eat, freeze for smoothies, and bake with. Here are some of the things I use my fresh-picked strawberries for.

Freezer jam

strawberry jam

Freezer Jam Recipe

Cookie strawberry pie

strawberr cookie

This is one of my favorites. It mixes chocolate-y goodness of warm cookies with a fresh strawberry pie. The mascarpone cheese is incredible!

Strawberry Cookie Recipe

Strawberry Ice Cream

strawbety picking

This recipe is so so so easy and unbelievably good. So rich and creamy! We use an electric mixer against my husband’s old fashioned wishes. Only change I made was adding a teaspoon of Pure Vanilla Extract.

Simple Strawberry Ice Cream

Strawberry salsa

strawberry salsa

A great refreshing appetizer or even a treat to take to cookouts. I like serving this with Cinnamon and sugar pita chips.

Strawberry Mango Salsa

We had a great time and boys said they couldn’t wait to eat them when we got home.  On the trek back we made wishes on dandelions.

strawberry picking 6

strawberry picking 5

But halfway back, they claimed they were too tired and I ended up hauling all the load. Typical.

strawberry picking 3 - Copy


Peace, Love, and Strawberries Forever,

The Purdy Woman

Alicia Purdy