Think About It

22-05-2019 13:05

I like to think of myself as a reasonable individual. I feel I am no different than anyone else. I keep myself amused thinking we all want the same thing, then I learn different. Even among those who you know in your heart are the most humble of characters are changed into someone you would rather keep your distance. Betrayal has become a way of life, and creates this lack of trust; that forfeits communication and welcomes revenge.
Even so, I still have hope and faith that one day we will learn to understand that we have more in common than are differences. Even the religions have more in common than they have differences. Differences make you unique and should be understood, but common factors should be absolute in understanding that some basic values and morals are structured to stabilize your foundation in truth.
Take the time to think about it…You govern your behavior regardless of what the next person has going on. You can change the status quo in your own life. You got this, You are a wonderful person shouldn’t nobody bring you out of your character.