John Wick’s return to Fortnite. Is this a desperate move by Fortnite?

16-05-2019 04:05

On a previous post, we talked about the return of the skull trooper to Fortnite and considered whether or not it was an appropriate decision made by Epic Games. This proved to be the right move knowing that despite the repercussions of re-releasing a particularly “rare” item, the millions of player managed to generate 11 million dollars in sales for the corporation according to an article by The Verge. This just shows to prove that regardless of how much value the skin is actually worth, if the developers of Fortnite continue to hold off selling something, the fans will want it even more; personally, I believe that this is why they’re going to re-introduce the John Wick skin into the game. Although, I am still conflicted as to whether Epic Games is being desperate for profit or are they actually smart enough and capable enough of doing this. Soon, there would be no more special skins, and players will start to lose interest. I consider this a temporary solution for a long-term problem. There is yet to be any confirmation for this information as there is no statement made by Epic Games, itself, but there had been multiple leaked sources that all suggest the same thing.

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Predicted appearance of the Fortnite character “John Wick”

History of “The Reaper”

The “John Wick” skin in Fortnite was never formally called that, but it was named “The Reaper”. It clearly resembles the character, John Wick, from John Wick, a gloomy assassin born out of his revenge for his murdered dog. (yes that is the actual origin story and motive) Players were able to unlock this skin by reaching tier 100 of the third season Battle Pass, a feat that a lot of individuals managed to do. The skin was thought to be one of the sleekest and most feared skin, considering the fact that players who possessed this skin, possessed a lot of experience and skills in this game. There were no other alternative method of earning it, just constant grinding and performing achievements to reach max tier. Here is what it looks like (noticeably different from the one above):

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John Wick: Chapter 3- Parabellum

Just recently, last week, Reddit users started to spot the house of the feared assassin in Paradise Palms, which lead “data miners” to dig up images of John Wick cosmetic skin and a limited-time mode. With the release of the new John Wick movie, released May 17, this seemed to be a surefire thing that Epic Games would do, as this wasn’t the first time that the game did a crossover event with a movie. According to the data leak, the new LTM introduced is called “Wick’s Bounty”, where it tasks players with eliminating other “bounty hunters” in order to win coins. When reaching a certain amount of coins, the player wins, but if killed three times, the player is eliminated.

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John Wick’s estate in Paradise Palms


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