What’s New In Season 7?

07-12-2018 01:12

Season 7 has brought us a wonderful winter wonderland. A good section of the map is completely covered in snow and brings us in new named locations. We all knew there was a change to the map coming and this is what it was.

Thats not the only new thing that this season has brought us so far. Theres a new way to get from point to point and that is zip lines. That’s right, you can use ziplines within the game to travel. The craziest thing about that is, it is not the only new way of transportation. The other new way, is via plane. Yes, a plane. Not only any plane, but a plane that can do barrel rolls and has turrets on it. You can light people up in the sky while flying around the land of fortnite.

There are several other changes which would include obvious new fortnite skins. Another cool feature is now you can have a camo for your guns. These changes all seem cool, but lets see if they do what the people wants and take out the turret.