Sinking of a tourist boat in Budapest

19-06-2019 23:06

Carrying South Korean tourists, a boat capsized Wednesday between the Chain Bridge and Marguerite Bridge in Budapest, killing 28 people. A river excursion has become a drama in Hungary. At least seven people have died and 28 are missing after the sinking of a boat carrying South Korean tourists on the Danube, a river running through Budapest, on Wednesday (May 29th). According to the Hungarian police, the boat carried 35 tourists and two crew members. It sank almost immediately after a collision with a larger ship near a bridge. The authorities announced the opening of a criminal investigation. According to the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 33 nationals of the country were on board and 28 are missing, while seven people were saved. “They have been hospitalized in a stable state.


The accident occurred around 22:00 local time, between the Chain Bridge, the most famous of the Hungarian capital, and the Marguerite bridge that connect the old town and the district of Pest. This is a popular area for river excursions.

According to information provided by the Hungarian media and later confirmed by the local police, the 26-meter boat, called “Mermaid”, collided with another boat near the Budapest Parliament, before capsizing and sinking.


Furthermore, more and more bodies are found in the Danube following this accident, which reached the end of May. Indeed, four days after the crash, a body was fished in the Danube more than 100 km downstream of Budapest.

Moreover, thirteen days after the sinking in Budapest of an excursion boat carrying South Korean tourists, the Hungarian rescuers managed to get the wreck out of the water on Tuesday, a decisive step to understand the unfolding of this tragedy that made 28 dead and missing. Delayed so far due to the unusually high level of the Danube, the “Mermaid” draft was successfully completed in the morning with the help of a giant floating crane. On board the wreck when it was brought down to the surface, rescuers have extracted four bodies. These new discoveries bring to 24 the number of victims found, four people are still missing. The wreck, which occurred on the evening of May 29, had only seven survivors.

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Finally, the commander of the cruise ship involved in a fatal collision with a boat, was indicted by the Hungarian courts. Indeed, he was presented to the court after being held in police custody as part of an investigation into “criminal negligence on a public waterway”.