Living in Germany

16-05-2019 11:05

When I first arrived in Europe I did a bit of a tour. I mainly visited Germany cities. The point of this was to pick my favorite one. I decided on Cologne. Cologne is definitely my favorite place in Germany. One of my favorite places ever, really. I arrived in Cologne about a month after arriving in Germany. I tried to get set up, job and apartment. I was having issues with the registration step here in Germany. I explain this in a video I made. But I found a job at the Hard Rock Cafe Cologne. The pay wasn’t bad, they paid my insurance and allowed me to get the apartment. I also started doing city walking tours. I met the group of people when I did a tour when I was first here. I have been doing that the whole time. Usually once or twice a week. It is a fun way to meet people and I like it to practice my public speaking and sales skills. It is also a great community with the other guides. Just adds to the friends and support here.

I was able to travel to a few places in Europe between working days. I visited Amsterdam, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Berlin and my favorite trip that I went on was Barcelona. I had an absolute blast there. I stayed in the St. Christophers inn and it was amazing. I met some of the most amazing people. And it was non stop I would make a group of friends, hang out for a day. The next day they would all leave then find some new people to make friends with. What topped it all off was how amazing the city is. From visiting the Cathedral to visiting Breweries.

I started taking full time German classes about 6 months into being here. The German definitely started picking up fast after that. I also got a new job at a bar called Delirium Cafe, which is like a dream job. They serve different craft beers and have 30 different beers on tap. It is a fun and interesting job. Get to meet people and learn about new beers. The problem is that it is a mini job and they don’t pay for insurance and is a lower amount of hours. So this sort of caused a problem to be able to stay afloat with school and bills. But it was definitely a step up in my happiness from the Hard Rock cafe.

On to my next chapter I am moving back to Canada. I have accepted a job offer in Grande Prairie as a site supervisor which will be an amazing job. It is a 6 month contract so I will save up and travel more after that. I felt a bit stuck here, making less money than I am spending and wouldn’t want to be in a situation that I can’t afford a plane ticket home in the worst of cases. So I have the opportunity to grow and to see more things. I also felt a bit stuck here with the German registration system.  I will definitely be back to Europe since I have the passport and there is lots more to see.

Before I leave I will do a trip to Munich to cross a few things off my list. Then the final week before I head back to Canada I am going to Warsaw with some friends. So it will be good to do a couple of trips before I leave.