Dating After 40: The Day of Pi/03142019

16-03-2019 01:03

Fuck this day.


Fuckit. Smh. Today sucked dirty donkey dick. It did. I won’t elaborate on the reality of why it sucked so bad, the best part was the turn around tho…

If you have read my previous blogs, you’ve noticed that I have tried to keep my positivity noticeable and in the forefront… this being the reason to not focus on the negative… (but I will spill it eventually…y’all have to hear this shit…I swear I can’t make it up…nor would I want to!)

Anyways, enough cryptic bullshit… how was your “pi day”? Mine was spent at work, happily… then the bullshit. Oh wait, we weren’t gonna speak on the neg…

Mine ended with a date. I wasn’t gonna go. I really didn’t want to:

*me while I texted him about the date*

…but, I was already halfway committed, and all the way pissed, so… I figured I needed to smoke a bowl and feast on a Slamburger at Denny’s… It was imperative.

So I went. Reluctantly…but I went. (The asshole part is that I had asked him out. Yea. And I was trying to bail. I’m a dick. I know. But, whatever.)

I will be honest, I was an asshole from the jump. I was. I told him I was outside, watched him walk the neighborhood looking for me, and didn’t say shit. I laughed…and laughed…and laughed some more, before finally saying, “where the fuck are you going?”…I immediately made him feel stupid… I didn’t mean to, but, whatever, date me at your own risk, especially when I am not emotionally invested at all. Fuck, I really am an asshole.

But anyways…

We went to eat. He suggested we share a plate because he is on the same page with me when it comes to eating, he gets it… but, not tonight. Oh hell nah! I wanted my own Slamburger, I mean, we can half and half it, but no, tonight I plan to eat all of my food. Thanks for looking out tho bruh.

So, I laughed so much…well, I was high as fuck so… but it felt good to be laughing that much as opposed to the stress I’ve been experiencing lately. I had a good time. I’ve already made my decision on him, but I did have fun.

The best thing he said. And I loved this:

I’ve never been out with a stoner chick before. I thought you were fake.”

Coo, bruh, but what does that even meeeaaannnn??? I specifically stated on my profile that I am 420 friendliest. Why would you expect different from me?

Fake how? Did I disappoint?

Well, whatever he meant, I guess it was a good thing…because he asked me out for tonight again…buuutttt… I’ve already made up my mind