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Danny was in charge of doing damage control after the disaster at Mel’s red cabin last year left residents in fear of living anywhere near that place.

The town of Copperville was forever changed after the horrific findings of the paranormal investigators dead bodies were discovered next to Danny’s dead brothers grave, Mel the infamous nail guy.

Danny had not been back to this area in years and after the Sherriff called him with the grizzly news of the investigators deaths, he knew he had to turn the media storm around that surrounded his brothers property.

Danny’s greed was always part of his reasons for doing anything in life and the property at Copperville was no exception.
This place had been in his family for decades, the entire town was built by his father and grandfather.

Mel’s life and legacy had left a terrible stain on the family’s reputation, but honestly there reputation was never good.
The townspeople had no choice but to follow the rules of the Dedneer family if they wanted to live and work in Copperville.

Danny surveyed the property at Mel’s cabin and walked through the premises with a curious mind and a feeling of doom as he walked through each room.
Mel’s “creative ” woodworking statues were everywhere and Danny knew they had to be the first things burned to remove the evil thickness that moved through the air throughout this entire place.

He went outside to call his son and an old business buddy.
He was going to need some help with renovations and getting this place back on the market again.

His first thoughts were to turn it into a B&B and bring the tourists in, hoping that not many of them knew about the horror stories that happened here, he was also seriously considering doing something with all that honey that was out in that old cabin shed.

He saw the old shed out back along the ridge line of the mountains edge,
it looked like the bees had taken it over inside.
Danny couldn’t get in because the hive was literally a mountain inside that old shed, the smell was nothing like he had every really smelled before.
It certainly wasn’t the smell of honey brewing within that old shack, it smelled like death; warmed over death with the curdling smell of rotting eggs and rain soaked animal hair that had rolled around in piles of it’s own waste.
The quick glances that he could get at the innards of that old building had bones and what seemed like hair and torn clothing woven together to build the structure of that monstrous beehive.

Danny didn’t have time right now to really explore what he thought he was looking at, dusk was setting in and there was more that needed to be done.

His life was shit right now.
His brothers death still affected him, oddly enough.
But the real problem that Danny was facing was that the whole town and most likely the whole state knew about his brothers ghastly past and certainly were aware of his deadly deeds.

Trying to make money from this place was going to take alot of time and energy, but it was also going to take an emotional toll that he had not even been aware of yet.

Danny laid down for a bit, the long trip and the hours of walking the property had worn him out.
As he fell in a deep slumber there were sounds around him that seemed real but it had to be from him being so exhausted, he felt drunk and yet he hadn’t touched a swig of his Old “Gentleman Jack”all day.

As Danny fell into a deep state of sleep the night air rolled in across Copper Mountain and the forest came alive.
The animals of the night always crept closer to the cabin out of the wood line, as if they were being summoned by a master that promised to feed there primal nature.
Mel’s spirit swirled from out under that old, dank tree that hovered over his gravestone.
His hunger was fierce tonight and he had company at the old cabin.
That tree had become his own personal domain and started to take on a life all its own.

Lightning had struck that old oak tree the night those detectives were slaughtered by Mel and as the energy had erupted through that tree into his grave, it gave him the energy he needed to start “coming alive”.
His spirit was very strong and he was able to do so much evil from the other side but Mel was ready to step back into the real world and take control of his property again.

That old note that was laying on his grave said it all, ” I Never Left”.
The last people to see it were taken into the underworld by Mel and he fed on there bodies for weeks, wishing he could do something ornate with there putrid bones.
Now that he was starting to find a way to be more ” alive” he was going to take that note he left and use it as his mantra for going on the malevolent rampage he was ecstatically waiting for.

The night dogs laid fresh meat next to the overgrown roots that covered the back of Mel’s grave and his spirit began to meld into the fresh, bloody mess that was laid before him.

It only took a little blood to get his full body charged up, it’s as if the spirit world renewed his strength for nights like this, but Mel needed a human form to crawl into for his full evil powers to take the shape he was needing to corrupt this side of the spirit world.

As he drifted through the foggy night and wafted his misty figure up to the cabin he was beginning to form a plan inside of his mind that would leave one last mark on this haunted piece of land and ensure that he would be the only inhabitant besides his ghastly brew of bees and the night demons that he cast into the animals that lived on his property.

Danny was laying on the old claw foot Victorian chaise lounger and drooling spittal from his tired, worn out face.
Mel leaned in close to his brother and breathed in the air emitting from his nose and mouth as if he was smelling the old days past that were long gone after his untimely death.

His spirit swirled around each side of Danny’s limp body and curled around his spine sending chills through his brothers sleeping flesh.
As Danny began to wake from the chill covering him, Mel moved to his brothers face and looked at him with his steely dead eyes; Danny woke suddenly and was staring into death, face to face with Mel.

Mel looked at Danny with a hard and cold stare.
” Do you remember me big brother “!?
Danny’s eyes went blank and a tear rolled down one side of his dry, chapped face; ” I remember you”.

Mel smelled his brothers flesh from head to toe and took hold of both sides of Danny’s face with his cold and clammy hands, Mel smelled like rotting flesh and there were bees swarming inside of his eye sockets.
He had not taken on a bodily form yet, his body was a creepy skeleton form but with bits of dry rotting flesh hanging from his body.
Danny was in shock and his body went limp as Mel began to fully inhabit his brothers.
Mel looked into Danny’s eyes as he pressed his bony fingers into the side of his head and a loud buzzing sound came from deep within Mels throat, ” Your staying here with me brother, I need your flesh”.

Mel’s jaws opened in a ghastly snarl and his entire body enveloped Danny’s .
As Danny cried out from agonizing pain because his body was being crushed from the inside, Mel began to howl with a voice that only the evil dead would understand, the sound was like a pack of ravenous wolves snarling and panting from there excited kill.

The bees from the shed were suddenly swarming the entire cabin and creating a wind tunnel around Danny’s lifeless body.
The swirling of the air built an energy that lifted Danny off the ground as Mel began to inhabit his brothers entire being.
Once the taking over of his body was complete the bees left in a perfect swarm that resembled a dark cloud formation that would hover over a mountain before the storms would flood the valleys below.

The cabin was deathly silent and Mel stood in the center of the great room enamored by all of his great woodwork and the memories of killing all of those helpless souls in order to create his masterpieces of human furniture.

The walls were painted with there blood and the floors had pieces of them inlaid within the grain of the wood.
His work was brilliant because to the blind eye, there was no resemblance of human body parts being used for every piece of furniture that was placed throughout this monstrous cabin in the woods.

Mel had to reanimate Danny so he could interact with the people arriving tomorrow, it would only take a few hours of manipulating his brothers brain to speak like Danny but his bodily form would do the work of malevolent Mel.

The entire rest of the evening was spent feeding off the flesh of the rats that were living in the honey cabin and organizing the hive to free up room for the new bodies that Mel was planning to stash away for his new masterpieces at the cabin.

When Chad and Blaine arrived in the morning ” Danny” was making breakfast and sipping on a cup of coffee.
Chad was Danny’s only son and Blaine had been a long time business partner of his for many years.
Chad seemed out of sorts with this whole plan of his dads to turn this creepy cabin into a money making bed and breakfast.
The whole idea seemed like a waste of time but Blaine could see how Danny’s idea was going to make them all very rich.

As they sat and ate breakfast together Chad could tell his father was different, he didnt seem like himself at all.
His words were mixed with thoughts of ideas for the business and rambling musings of the creepy shed out back that became the focal point of the breakfast.

Danny was lost in Mel’s mind and his body was completely overtaken by the malevolent spirit of Mel and yet he could see and hear everything around him, he just couldn’t fight the evil force that had taken him over.

As they finished their food Chad went upstairs to change his clothes so that he could get out to that creepy shack that inhabited the ” real money maker” according to his dad.

Danny told them all at breakfast that those bees and there honey were going to be the real draw to the B&B on Copper Mountain.
” If they cant forget the heinous crimes that happened here, we will give them all something to take there minds off it all for sure”; Danny was emphatic about making honey and drawing the people in to the cabin.

Mel’s ultimate plan was taking shape nicely. He had convinced Blaine and Chad to go out to that bee shack and when they did his plan was to have them engulfed by the swarming bees inside.

The bees needed blood in order to make the kind of honey Mel needed to feed to the new guests arriving at the cabin for its opening day of the new Bed and Breakfast.
That honey had a magic to it of sorts.

The minute Chad and Blaine stepped into the den of darkness that was the bee house they immediately saw the rotting bodies inside of the mountainous hive.
There were pieces of flesh strewn along the floor and what looked like old ratty clothing tossed over the beams at the top of the bee house ceiling.

Danny was standing in the rafters of the hive house and looked as if he was floating in air.
He had on a dark black cloak and was holding the head of a rat that looked like it had just been killed.
Chad yelled up at his father in an inaudible cry of deep despair.
Blain had been encapsulated in a swarm of bees that were savagely feeding off of his body, his limp and bloody body fell to the ground and was pulled into the middle of the hive by a larger than life queen bee.

Danny was suddenly at Chad’s side and staring at him with cold, blank eyes.
Chad knew this was going to be his last breathe as Danny reached out and grabbed Chad’s shoulders, looking at him with a hungry stare of death.
Chad asked his father why he was doing this and Danny’s face suddenly turned into this grey and bony figure that resembled Mel, his dead uncle.

Mel lifted Chad off the ground with one arm and summoned the bees with the other.
” Feed dear friends, feed”, they enveloped Chad in mere seconds and had his entire body stripped of its flesh before Mel even dropped the skeleton to the floor.

Two fresh specimens to add to the mix were plucked from the neighboring farm miles away.
There bodies were drained of its blood and there bones were placed inside the hive for later use.
Mel needed the blood to mix with the honey as he was going to use this concoction to poison the people that visited his place.

Two weeks later after the Ad for Coppervile B&B was placed in the towns newspaper a group of guests were arriving to spend there first night at the newly renovated red cabin, and to of course; be delighted by the new owner and his magic brew of Copperville Honey.

Little did they know that Mels famous brew of honey tea was not meant to be drank more than once.
One glass and the effects were a euphoric high that drugged the person into a sedated and paralyzed state, once the victim fell to the ground the worker bees would drag them to the den of darkness and Mel would have his way with them.

The sign on the front of the cabin read:

Welcome Visitors
Hospitality so good, you’ll never want to leave.