My Wish List – February 2019

07-02-2019 17:02

Recently, everyone has been buying shit and like I check my back account and I can’t buy anything. BUT, if I could buy everything that I am V-I-B-I-N-G with right now, I totally would. Until I pay off my credit card bill and move in a few months, I guess I will just have to keep adding to my wish list and hope that by the time I can afford it, it’s ya know still in stock or fashionable or freaking relevant at the time. Check out what I’m eyeing down below! Also, don’t come for me if you think it’s ugly or out of style or I’m late to the game…I’m about to be EVEN LATER since funds are v low. If I’m okay with it, you should be too. Also (x2), they are in no particular order. I want them all the same amount.


Apple Watch: I NEED ONE. I can list out all the reasons as to why I want one but I know no one really cares. We all know how helpful they are for you. I need the help.

Juicer: Do you know how much money I spend on juice? Too much. Also, check out my celery juice post…you’ll understand.

Ouai hair vitamins: OKAY OKAY OKAY. I was watching WeWoreWhat’s IGTV about her hair care routine/process and she mentioned hair vitamins for dry and thin hair that she takes to keep her hair full and healthy. AKA what my hair needs. Ugh, I need them so bad. I am SUCH a vitamin guru and always down to try new ones. I think if I buy anything from this list first, it’ll be these. NECESSARY. Also, I’ve bought a lot from Ouai before and its all remarkable stuff so I know it would be worth my money…just one question, where the F is all my money?!

I.Am.Gia zip up: If you know what sweatshirt I am talking about, you may think this is a total waste of money and my boyfriend would totally agree with you. BUT I LOVE IT. And would really wear it and enjoy it. 

Teddy zip up/cropped sweatshirt: I mean, it’s soft as hell. 

iPad: I lug my big ass computer mac pro (from 2013) around with me almost everywhere I go and that shit is so fucking heavy. I need something lighter. Doesn’t even need to be the most up to date thing. Just something that can connect to the internet, I can take notes on, and go on Instagram. Not too much to ask, no?

Gold jewelry from The M Jewelers: The list of things that I want to purchase from this site is so disgustingly long that I can’t even fathom to type it all out. If you have expensive skin like me and find it hard to wear literally anything other than 14K gold, THIS IS THE BEST PLACE TO GET YOUR JEWELRY. They literally have everything I could ever want and are constantly doing promo codes so you’re getting REAL 14K GOLD jewelry fairly inexpensively. Don’t ask my boyfriend, he will disagree.

Gymshark workout clothes: I will never not wear Gymshark workout clothes to workout. The quality and fit of their gear is fantastic and I just need it all since, ya know, I wear the SAME set to workout in almost every day. Fun. 

-Louis Vuitton from The RealReal since apparently everyone and their fucking mother can find something on that site, not to mention afford the “discounted” price

Lymphatic Drainage Massage: I wish I had the time to tell you ALL of the benefits for what this type of massage does but I don’t since I’m at work writing this hehe. Seriously, look it up. It does absolutely amazing things, more than dry brushing can do for your lymphatic system (which I swear by). SO SO NEEDED.

Alo Yoga cropped puffer jacket (or leggings): When I’m looking for (honestly) lounge wear, I love my Alo Yoga leggings. I am not a ~yogi~ so I don’t do yoga and have found that working out (weight training) in their stuff isn’t for me. SO I NEED MORE LOUNGE WEAR. Also, they came out with this amazing puffer jacket that, although its February, I need the jacket. Want to lend me $250?

everything morgan stewart wears: ‘Nuff said.

-A day off


Wow, that was really a whole bunch of shit covering every category. Honestly, there are so many things that I want to do and see and try but like time is just not in my favor recently and there are just too many priority things to do. Yes mom, I mean school work. Oh well, guess I will have to keep adding to the list of things that I want and hopefully one day get them! Remaining positive, manifesting my future. 

Nina Alexandra