Milan Trip – Shopping

02-04-2019 11:04

In February I went to Milan with a friend. I’ve always wanted to go to Milan as 1. Italian is my favourite food 2. I love to shop and 3 . I’ve always wanted to visit the Armani Silos museum.

We stayed in a hotel a little outside of the centre of Milan, on our first day we had to get the underground to the duomo cathedral. I’d never been to Milan before and didn’t know what to expect but I will never forget walking up the stairs of the underground and seeing the duomo cathedral. It was massive! And so breathtaking, nothing like I had never seen before it was a building that you had to be in the presence of to appreciate. Their were pigeons everywhere, I hate pigeons but the pigeons were used to people, so weren’t too scary.



On our first day we spent the day exploring Milan and shopping in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and down the Via Montenapoleone, it was fair to say the only thing I bought were some chocolates from the Prada cafe! One of my favourite things to do is watch rich ladies shopping wearing their Chanel jackets and holding their birkin bags. In my opinion that is life goals. Milan is full of affluent and fashionable individual who like to shop in Milan as Italian fashion is fine, classic yet on trend.



It can sometimes be quite intimidating walking into a designer store knowing you won’t buy anything, but every store that I went in were all so friendly and helpful, the sales assistants always wanted to give off the best impression they could and nothing was too much of a problem. I have found this is quite hard to find with designer stores, especially in London, they are never the friendliest. The Gucci store in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II was one of the best experiences ever. We were able to try on all the sunglasses, fur coats, the must of known we had no intention on buying anything but were happy to pretend we were living our best life. The same happened in Tiffany, they let us try on all the diamond rings, this was not the most positive thing to happen as it has left me with very high exceptions for my future husband.

Milan is a lovely place, the architecture is beautiful, the food is great, everyone is so inspiring, classy and friendly. The flight only took an hour and a little bit, the hotels in the centre can be pricey but we stayed just outside and used the underground which was very cheap and no where near as busy as London.


Chloe Hewitt