How to decide between two jobs?

25-06-2019 13:06

This upcoming week I have two interviews scheduled, on for Wednesday and one for Thursday. While I wouldn’t mind having either in if these jobs they do each pros and cons. The first one is more directed toward my field and with a work environment that would probably better suit me, but it’s a bit of a farther drive. The second one is closer and has a couple opportunities to gain licenses on their dime, but it deals with kids and I’m not much of a kids person, and doesn’t exactly line up with the type of work I’d prefer to do. Both have similar benefits and good ratings online.Also, if the first job offers me a spot on the interview, should I momentarily decline the offer and tell them I have another interview tomorrow? I’m a recent graduate with no experience so I don’t have much pull and don’t know how much I can get away with things like this. usa jobs indeed get more jobs now usa jobs usa jobs resume usa hotel jobs usajobs usa jobs federal government usa job in ksa usa jobs usa jobs login usa jobs gov usajobs official

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