New Series : FAM

18-03-2019 14:03

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A new comedy called FAM started yesterday (January 10) on CBS starring no other but Nina Dobrev as Clem ! By her side Tone Bell as her on-screen fiancé Nick and Odessa Adlon as her sister Shannon.

The show runs around family ties, the chosen one and the not so chosen one. Clem lying about her father being dead because he wasn’t really around in the first place and creating a new family with her fiance’s.

Pilot’s first thoughts, it’s quite good ! Light and funny storyline and script, note this sentence in a scene talking about a dress which is kinda well searched :

  • Clem: “It’s a Christian Dior! “
  • Shannon: “Who cares about its religion! “

Plus Nina’s doing a really good job playing a comedy character, a big change from her past role in the TV series The Vampire Diaries, a role that kind if fits her better.

Here are some reactions about the first episode.

Now the show just started, let’s hope it keeps its promises and most importantly stays funny! Be sure to catch it every Thursday on CBS and tell me what you think about it !