Trip to Brighton

09-07-2019 20:07

Summer is here! Late June brought a heat wave, which while terrible in mainland Europe got to a toasty 31 degrees Celsius here. (It was still way too warm, but at least nowhere near the 40 it was in other places)

Having no plans for that weekend Geo and I decided to go on a short road trip (~2h 30mins) to the seaside town of Brighton. Being often advertised by our friends and famous for its beaches we thought that it would be perfect for the hot weather. (Yet, we thought to focus on sight seeing rather than swimming)

We set off nice and early as I had booked us an 11:30 ride on the iBA360 observation tower. We thought we’d beat the traffic… but unfortunately the M25 does not ever see a lack of cars… so we spent some more time singing along to songs while stuck in traffic. When we finally arrived in Brighton, our next task was to find our parking spot. To save some money I had booked an online parking spot which turned out to be in a backyard to which Geo had to squeeze the car through a tiny alleyway we missed on the first drive by…. But we managed to circle back (in Brighton’s insane oneway system structure) and Geo expertly parked us in.

From there the sightseeing begun, mostly with me continuously choosing the wrong turns making our 25 minute Google Maps walk a 30 mins fast pace walk to make slot. While in a slight rush we did make it to the tower with plenty of time to buy some water and look at the beach.

It was a cool ride and we got to see the beaches and the city from the top. We were even able to spot some of the English white cliffs, even though it wasn’t the famous ones.

By the time we were down, we were both hungry – and what better thing to eat at the seaside than seafood. Geo’s friend recommended a restaurant that serves great seafood, so we made our way there to grab a spot in the queue. Luckily the hostess was nice enough to collect phone numbers and call the guests when their table was ready. Our wait was estimated at about 45 minutes so we walked around the small cute shopping streets of the old town while slurping a nice and refreshing smoothie (it was literally just frozen berries blended with apple juice – but it was cold and tasty so not complaining).

Shockingly, exactly 45 minutes later we got called back to the restaurant, and being hungry and in holiday mood, we went WILD. Under the pretence of treating ourselves we ordered oysters, gambas, scallops and mussels and ohhh were they good.

After that feast we made our way to the next point on our sightseeing agenda – the Royal Pavilion which was King George’s IV summer palace. Build in an Indian style on the outside while going wildly gold and Chinese on the inside it was a sight to behold. Unfortunately, no pictures allowed inside (but give it a google if you’re interested). It was most definitely not pretty, but interesting to see.

After that we walked back to the beach and walked along the pier. It was very crowded and we didn’t feel like any of the rides so we just enjoyed the view. A slushy later we still felt like we were melting in the sun which prompted us to go to a shopping mall to cool down in the modern wonder of a.c.. This resulted in more spent money as I found myself some new shoes… but they’re pretty 😉

Lastly, after spending the whole day walking past the pebble beach and scortching in the sun we felt like we couldn’t leave without at least dipping our toes in the water. So off we went. While happy that the beach wasn’t sandy allowing us to not get sand in our shoes, we quickly found out that Geo has VERY sensitive feet and apparently a pebble beach is the 9th circle of hell. However, for the sake of the experience and thought of refreshing water he braved it and we finally let a wave hit our feet …. to find out that the water was ice cold. I am still confused how so many people were just lounging in the water as I literally didn’t manage more than 3 minutes as I felt like my feet were about to get frost bite. Anyways, an experience and a half later we returned to our shoes only to realise that there actually still is a very fair amount of sand stuck to our feet. Oh well, we managed to clean it reasonably well and put on our shoes (which made Geo very happy).

All in all it was a great day, which left us exhausted but happy.