11-01-2019 00:01

“Everything about this movie is flat.”

Warning: Not very positive unfortunately:(

Beep. Beep. Beep. Silence. That’s what happens when these five surgical residents medically stop each other’s hearts. Courtney (played by Ellen Page), tricks the other four residents into sneaking into the underground hospital to stop her heart, then resuscitate her. After they agree, despite their concerns, they “kill her”, then bring her back to life. Once she is resuscitated, she suddenly has access to more of her brain then she had before, making her an excellent doctor, with access to all the knowledge she has learned her whole life, that she had forgotten, and wasn’t able to remember. But, there was also deafening side effects.  This was a mediocre film, with okay-actors and actresses, but mostly just an exact replica of the original, with nothing special added.

The film is based in Chicago, at a hospital for students to practice medicine. They discover the un-used, fully functional underground hospital, used for emergencies in which the above ground hospital was unavailable, which they choose to do their experiment in.  They are increasingly fascinated in what lies among your brain and the state you’re in right as your heart stops; the afterlife. They use machines to record brain activity from the moment they stop each others hearts, to the moment they are resuscitated. The first person to try out this daring experiment, is Courtney,, which she next invites Jamie and Sophia, played by James Norton and Kiersey Clemons. After stopping her heart and resuscitating her, they discover she can access all of the knowledge she’s ever learned in her whole life. After this discovery, they want to go next, to see what “great” side effects they will have. This is then followed by the last two medical students, Marlo, played by Nina Dobrev, and Ray, played by Diego Luna.


The actors in this movie like Nina Dobrev and Ellen Page, I think did a good job with their acting, but the plot wasn’t good enough for their acting to be spectacular.


I both liked, and disliked this movie, but majority, disliked. I thought this movie was very cliche, and had too many pop outs, even though they were very cheesy, and expected. The movies pace never slowed down, which every movie should at least once throughout. There was some good parts that were genuinely unexpected, but not enough to count. Overall, this movie was very mediocre and you could guess every thing that happened next, next to only a few scenes, which just added on top of the overall bad plot. The only part that I liked about the movie was the actors and actresses. I had previously seen them in other movies and shows, in which were good content, but I don’t think the problem in this movie was the acting or the actors themselves, but the storyline, and plot.


A lesson that I learned from this movie is to always look at the full picture. Although something may feel or look good once, doesn’t mean that the feeling is there to stay. These medical students risked their lives, to feel good. I don’t think that’s a valuable lesson to take from this, but the opposite. Don’t do something that is potentially harmful, just because a, everyone else is doing it, or b, because it created a  temporary high.


I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone under the age of 14, because I don’t think it’s a very good lesson to teach, or to portray for a younger audience, because a younger audience has a tendency to copy others actions and become heavily influenced by the things they watch, whether it be on TV or right in front of them, I don’t think it would be appropriate. I do not think there’s anything fulfilling to take from this movie.