schindler’s list

06-12-2018 20:12

Movie Title schindler’s list

Tagline howerver saves one life , saves the world entire.

Genre(s)  biography history   drama

Release date 30 november 1993

Length  3h 15min

Top-billed cast  327 bilion dollars

Plot Summary save 1100 jews by Nazi germans

Director  steven spielberg

Screenplay by thomas keneally

steven zaillian

A Memorable Quote

Filming Locations  krakow, poland

pieces of music from the soundtrack Oyfn Pripetshik

Casting Director steven spielberg

Costume Designer   Anna Biedrzycka-Sheppard
One item of trivia that you found interesting  To gather costumes for twenty thousand extras, the costume designer took out advertisements seeking clothes. As economic conditions were poor in Poland, many people were eager to sell clothing they still owned from the 1930s and 1940s.

One continuity goof you found interesting in the 55. munite a women killed ,but when she didn’t die there was a bullet wound on the forehead.
One factual goof you found interesting  I dont know the facts so I can’t say anything.
The film was about saving life .when the second world war is during ,a man his name is oscar schindler saved 1100 Jews from death by spending all his wealth.

I chose this film because, I like this types films namely a real story and

What I liked about the fillm was

What I didn’t like about the film was ……………(I like everything so I can’t say anything)

It has an award for 7 oscars ,3 golden globe,6 BAFTA and many other awards

One character I liked oscar schindler because he saved people who couldn’t save themselves

One character I didn’t like amon goathev because he hasn’t humanty emotion .

My favourite scene was human hunting from balcony (upload your favourite scene as a video)

I would recommend this film to everyone because this film was very emotional and quite affective

Make one more comment about any detail about the film:
my coment is if you do not defend yourself, you may find yourself in a gas room or concentration camp.