Casey Anthony : The Abominate Woman of United States

12-01-2019 02:01

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On July 15th 2008, an 911 call came through an operator about a missing young girl named Caylee Anthony but the person calling was the grandmother, Cindy Anthony. She reported not alone her granddaughter “missing” but her own daughter too for being suspicious. According to Cindy, she has not reported Caylee missing for the past month. Plus the grandmother was freaking out because the mother’s car had a fouled smell of a dead body (Link to Full 911 Call). This has become a red flag on this murder case of a young girl; within days, the country was in shocked about this popular story. The one thing that has affected the case is it is unsolved to this day. 8 years passed by from the recent trial as it claims mother of Caylee, Casey Anthony for being not guilty of child abuse and first degree murder. Well, people seem very suspicious about the family altogether as they believe Casey or her parents are the ones who murder this girl on July 15th.

Casey Anthony

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One of the biggest suspects of this murder case is Casey Anthony. Personally I believe Casey was the one who killed her own daughter because she has held up too many red flags for me. According to Crime Museum, one reason of why she is guilty is the body decomposition :

“Caylee Anthony’s skeleton was found on December 11, 2008, having decomposed in a field among garbage bags for up to six months. Duct tape was found over the mouth, holding the jaw bone to the rest of the skull. The placement of the duct tape was key in the prosecution’s case for foul play” (Crime Museum).

This seems to add up because the car had a bad smell of a human body; the phone call mentioned earlier and the skeleton found in the woods seems like someone had thrown her child into a garbage bag, taken her to the woods to rot away. Until a worker found the body and forensics investigators said this is a small child’s body. But, the woods was basically near in the area of the Anthony’s home. Seems suspicious to have a bad smell in a car and have a skeleton near a home of a dead child.

Casey’s Parents

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Another side to the case is the parents were the ones to kill Caylee but I believe it would be an accident and try to cover it up. Casey’s attorney, Jose Baez claimed that Caylee wasn’t murder at all, it seems she was playing along the poolside until she fell in. The thing is she can’t swim, so time passed by as she drowned in the pool. Her parents discovered her dead in the pool as she was being watched unsupervised. It meant this whole time she was never actually missing. But, Casey’s father George speaks up about the theory for being utterly wrong,

“I don’t believe (the drowning). That’s a bunch of bull to me. That’s too easy of a story to bring up ‘cause if that would’ve happened, I think my daughter would’ve at least had the common decency or common sense inside to call 911 and say something” (USA Today).

In conclusion, if I had to pick sides again for this case, I would say Casey will always be the true murder to this case. She has become crazy after the incident of Caylee as she made up a babysitter, her car smelling foul, not reporting her daughter for a month and so on. The reasonings are endless to say but she was proven not guilty by her attorney. Other people like me speak otherwise since this case is still remained unsolved. The parents seem they are framed in this because they were not spoken about or hardly at all. But to recap, this American murder mystery has become one of the biggest crime cases like JonBenet Ramsey.

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