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In the past, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin inspired a mining method. People would contend to become the primary to feature a block to the blockchain. A “winner” is chosen from competitory miners, making worth.

The winner collects the dealing fees inside that block, motivating miners to gather as several transactions into a block as they will, thereby maximising their reward.
For the common person, this type of reward lottery takes time to learn. It requires computing resources they may not have. It can be confusing, complicated, and not much fun.
We believe there is a better way. That is why we’ve got redefined the blockchain lottery to form it a lot of just like the traditional diversion expertise.

There are many challenges that stem from traditional righteousness. GEXAN aims to improve the technology to solve these problems. Using the individual contracts makes the ticket impossible, which gives the industry greater transparency. The GEXAN team ensures that this is done through the process. All funds can be randomly distributed or soaked, and the lottery wants to check if it is wise.

It is recommended that the advanced blockchain technology be integrated into the latest platform. This will make the selection very good and very good. Many people are concerned about safety, they say, and GEXAN wants to solve the problem. GEXAN is a crypto that has an innovation that really comes from the blockchain. The software can be installed to make the daily selection. GEXAN was buіlt аs fully trаnѕраrеnt аnd fullу dесераlіzеd platform fоr оrgаnіzіng fоr аnd dіѕtrіbutіng means а lottery аѕіng thе blоkkіhаіn technology аnd ѕmаrе contracts conducting іn order іn a random fаѕhіоn win pay аnd lоttеrу tісkеtѕ ѕаlеѕ commission hоldеrѕ tоkеn. Likewise, GEXAN have a great and safe blockchain. A unique success criterion is that the maximum success rate of 85% is an important success factor.

However, the introduction of technology blokcheyn was named the only way that the lottery industry could make a revolution ; therefore, a platform called GEXAN has used this innovation to create a decentralized lottery platform that changes the mode of the lottery industry from a traditional centralized system to a modernized decentralized system.

Gexan to do honest lotteries with a high level of winning participants, as well as to minimize losses, getting prizes. Moreover, these problems become difficult because of the difficulties of the prize, high commissions and taxation. With the introduction of blockchain technology, these problems have become quite solvable. On the Gexan platform , all stages of the draw, including the purchase of tickets, the generation of random numbers, the distribution of prizes in the fund, the verification of the winners , are based on distributed register technology. Moreover, everything is built on open source code, which will be published onGithub


GEXAN is a new blockchain- based lottery platform that was designed to rethink and revolutionize the gaming and lottery industry . The introduction of GEXAN blockchain into the gaming and lottery platform will bring transparency, sincerity, honesty and reliability to the gaming and lottery industry. The GEXAN platform , which is combined with the decentralization policy , will eliminate all types of manipulations and contradictions in the gaming and lottery industry. The GEXAN platform also used smart contacts for security .

Features, technical:

Self blockchain based. Gexan – coin , not a token
Hybrid mining algorithm (PoW+PoS)
Effective investment tool – Gexan masternode
Autonomous Smart-contract for transparent lotteries
100% open-source project, code, blockchain and smart-contracts are posted on Git
Gexan launch an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) on big exchange – in 2 rounds.

The 1st one starts 10.05 with a limited amount of coins – 150 000 GEX. This is a VERY few and we expect a high demand at this stage. But to be sure that you will make a right desicion and invest in our project we provide you a 10% BONUS for all purchases (5000 GEX check = 5500 GEX earning)

The main uniqueness of this IEO is that it is actually not a token, but coin. Regarding self-based blockchain we tend to integrate within Gexan network masternode feature, which is makes transaction inside blockchain instant and “mine” for their owners huge devedends – 40% from total daily emission. The less masternodes working in network – the bigger ROI of separate one. So, the earlier you setup a masternode – the bigger your profit will be!

(NOTE! Profit period starts at 50 000 block count. It is aprx 5-8 june, after IEO. This period will be only for 14 days.)
Now you can find GEXAN on FoundICO
Attention on Product – 10/10

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