Memphis volleyball team loses 3-1 against Cincinnati

07-12-2018 02:12

IMG_3670.jpgThe Memphis Tiger’s Volleyball team goes up against the Cincinnati Bearcats, after losing two sets. PHOTO BY NUHA ABDELWAHAB.

By Nuha Abdelwahab 

Oct. 27,2018 

Cincinnati defeated Memphis Friday in volleyball at the Elma Roane Fieldhouse in four sets, but the Tigers said they were pleased to take the first set from the second-ranked Bearcats before eventually losing 3-1. 

The loss puts the Tigers’ record at 10-12 overall and 3-7 in the conference. While it was a loss, the Tigers’ Hannah Flowers, the fourth ranked player in the conference, said the team is positive about what happened.  

“I think the team put up a great fight,” Flowers said. “I mean they’re second in the conference. One of their hitters is the best in the nation. We all stayed together and played well, and kept our energy up, which was good.” 

Even though the Tigers have lost seven conference games so far, they have been against tough competition including UCF the No.1 ranked team with a 10-0 winning streak. The Tigers are set to play the Bearcats again, in Cincinnati, on Nov. 18. 

The Tigers are ranked ninth in the conference, but the team remains optimistic for a better game with bigger improvements, Flowers said.  

“We just want to keep improving and just keep playing as a team and bringing that energy.” Flowers said. “And playing how we know how to play.” 

Flowers made 14 kills Friday. Following Flowers was Kelsey Bivins, an outside hitter, with 13 kills. Five Defensive blocks were made by Kelsey Walter, Molly Murrihy and Sarah Marlett, with three of these blocks made in a row.  

The crowd cheered wildly when the Tigers in the first set after the three blocks were made. 

Lucy Crosby, a fan and a mother of one of the players, said the blocks as the peak of the game.  

“They got three blocks in a row, and they won the point.” Crosby said. “It was so exciting to watch, and I’m really proud of how these girls played.  

Along with strong chants from the band and an active fan base, the energy in the room intensified as the sets grew tougher.  

About 60 people attended the match. Charles Pearson from Knoxville, Tennessee came Thursday night to see his granddaughter play.  

“I think they played well even though they lost,” Pearson said. “Of course, I wanted them to win, but they played a tough game and I’m proud of the effort they put in.” 

It was one of their toughest games of the season, and Cincinatti made for a challenging competitor. In the end it proved to be a rewarding moment, Flowers said.   

The Memphis Tigers are set to play another home game this Sunday, against the ECU Pirate’s. The game is at 1 p.m. and will take place at the Elma Roane Fieldhouse.