Why MCU Needs To Change After Phase 3

07-12-2018 06:12

IT IS TIME ! No one in their right mind would have thought that MCU would become such a huge thing as it is today. But all that changed when Iron man released way back in 2008, It was a big Life-Saver for both Robert Downey Jr. and Marvel which was going bankrupt those days. Now it can be pretty safe to say that marvel changed the face of the superhero movies.

But as all things have a expiry date even marvel movies have one. As Kevin Feige has already said that the phase 4 will see a different side of the universe, will that really be the case? Because honestly speaking even the true marvel fans cannot watch all sunshine and flower marvel movies for all their life, A change HAS to come.. 

This means the movies have to take a different approach than previous ones and the only way to do that is to go extra dark, now i am not trying to say marvel should go too dark like in Punisher (Popping people’s eyeballs thing will be too soft for kids) For example, the movies should take an inspiration from Andy serkis’s Mowgli. It succeed in taking a childern’s novel and represent it in an darker more adult like approach.

For starters, Captain america Winter Soldier and Civil war should be a great way to take inspiration from as both showcased real world problems and marvel should not shy away from taking risks and should also introduce LGBT characters (taking a note from Crimes of Grindelwald)  Of course failures will take place but that’s necessary for the result.

And guess what marvel already have a source material which is both dark and upbringing on their hands…DAREDEVIL! Now it is the perfect chance to introduce charlie Cox’s daredevil into the universe and because the show ended on such a high note it is the PERFECT chance to do that now !

What marvel decides to do in their future is in their hands, but these are my thoughts ! What are yours?

Let me know what are your thoughts in the comments section below ?! Be sure to watch Avengers 4 trailer which will be releasing today evening !