The Grind House – Chapter 7

20-06-2019 11:06

The Grind House: A Bucky Barnes Fanfic

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Character Pairing:  Bucky Barnes x  F!Reader

Word Count:  1761

Rating:  E

Square filled: @buckybarnesbingo – U4, KINK: French Kiss, @star-spangled-bingo – Coming Untouched.

Warnings:  Smut (F/M, kissing leading to orgasm and some come play)

Synopsis:  When Bucky Barnes stops to get coffee and warm up at your coffee shop, he had just expected that caffeine might lift his mood a little.
He didn’t expect to fall head-over-heels for you over a game of chess.

Chapter 7

Saturday was not a long wait and when it dawned Bucky was apprehensive.  Thankfully due to the lack of time to dwell on it, he hadn’t completely over thought the whole thing.  He was overthinking what he should wear though.

He’d gotten a little stuck in a cycle of wanting to look nice for the date, but then getting mad at himself for caring so much about wanting to look nice.  He was just changing his third shirt when there was a knock on his door.

“It’s open.”  He called.

Natasha stepped in shook her head.  “What is with you and not being able to choose clothes?”

“I don’t know,”   He whined.  “I didn’t use to have this problem.”

She chuckled and approached him.  “You look good.  Just -”  She unbuttoned the top button on his shirt.  “Go with your leather jacket.  But -”  She took the hairband off her braid and pulled his hair back, carefully smoothing it down before tying it off.  “There.  Looks good.”

Bucky grabbed his jacket and shrugged it on.

“How are you feeling?”  Nat asked.

“Nervous.”  He said.

She smiled and ran her hands down his arms.  “Well, it has been like 70 years since you last went on a date.”

“Yeah, thanks for that, Tasha.”  He grumbled.

She chuckled and patted his shoulder.  “She likes you.  Just be you.”

“That’s the problem.  I don’t know who I am.”

Natasha sighed and rubbed the small of his back.  “I know how hard this is, James.  We’re monsters.  But that’s what they wanted us to be and they don’t get a say anymore.  Whatever you’ve been doing so far has worked.  You got the date.  Just keep doing it.”

Bucky nodded a little and let out a breath.

“So what’s the plan?  Taking her out?”  She asked.

Bucky grabbed his wallet and tucked it in his pocket.  “Nah.  Gonna cook for her.”

“Something Romanian?”

He nodded.  “Yeah.  I got a few things I liked making.”

She patted his back.  “Sounds perfect.  See your instincts are good.  That’s a total panty dropper.”

Bucky started laughing, which in turn eased his mind just enough to kick him into action.  “Thanks, Tasha.”

“Of course.  Clunking heads is what I do around here.”  She teased.

Bucky went to your place via an International Market where he picked up smoked ham, trout, minced pork, cabbage, cheeses, and the various other spices and vegetables he was going to need to cook with.

He made his way to your place, arms laden down with groceries.  You buzzed him up immediately and greeted him at the door looking like you belonged in a spring themed watercolor despite how cold it was outside.

“Oh my goodness, Bucky.  Look at all the food you brought.”  You said taking one of the bags off him.

“Yeah.  I might have gone overboard.”  He agreed following you inside.

You put the bag down on the kitchen bench and turned to him, kissing his cheek.  He felt a warm tingle pass through him.  It had happened every time you’d touched him in such a familiar fashion.  He didn’t know if that was just him getting used to that touch or if it was specifically because it was you.

Maybe the truth lay somewhere between those two things.  Whatever it was, he liked it.  A lot.  He wanted more but was worried that if it moved to the bedroom he wasn’t going to be able to perform properly.  It had been so long and he’d been through so much, that where once he’d have felt cocky and completely sure about his abilities, now he didn’t even know if he had it in him anymore.

“So what are we making?”  You said.

He started unpacking the bags and laying them out based on what dishes they were going in.  “Caşcaval Pane, Ciorbă de perişoare, Varză țărănească cu Ciolan Afumat, Mămăligă, and Plăcinte cu brânză dulce.”

“That sounds so cool.  But what is it?”  You said, looking over everything.

He chuckled and looked down, shaking his head a little.  “There’s a deep-fried breaded cheese, meatball soup, smoked ham hock and cabbage, polenta and for dessert a fried dough with sweet cheese.”

“So…much…food.”  You said.  “Good thing I love to eat.  Point me to what you want me to do and I’ll do it.”

The two of you worked well together and as you cooked he relaxed.  He liked cooking.  It helped him get out of his head.  Plus it was nice to actually create things after years of being used to destroy everything.

Soon the apartment was filled with the smells of spices and cooked meats and the two of you were sitting together on the couch eating.

“You’re a really good cook.  Where did you learn all this stuff?”  You asked.

“I spent a few years living in Romania.  I did all that kind of cash in hand, not on the books work.  Construction.  Odd jobs.  Working in kitchens.  Picked up things.”  He said.

“It’s so good.  I’d hire you to work in my kitchen.  Only we don’t really have one.  Just sandwiches and soups.”  You joked.

“Well if you ever decide to expand you know where I am.”  He said.

You laughed and shifted in your chair, snuggling up into his side.  He wrapped his arm around you.  He really did love how you felt pressed against him.  Even though sleeping with you on that couch had been a nightmare on his back, he had slept really well.  He loved how safe you seemed to feel with him.

“I am so full.”  You said putting your plate down and curling into him more.

“That was the plan.”  He said looking down at you.

For a moment he just stared down into your eyes.  His eyes flicked to your lips taking in every part of them in detail.  The color and texture of your lipstick.  The fine lines over the soft curve.  The way they parted just a little as you moved forward.

He bridged the distance, bringing his lips to yours.  The kiss started slow.  Just a gentle caress of your lips over his.  You dipped your tongue out and ran over his top lip.  It was something he had done many times before with lots of women but it had been so long and he had been a different person.  This felt like the first time.  He hummed softly against your lips and deepened the kiss, opening his mouth more and bringing his tongue to meet yours.

You circled them together and danced them over the other’s lips.  Your hand went to his hair and bunched in it making him groan deeply as his scalp prickled.  The deep tingle in his lips, spread through him, making his hair stand on end and his cock start to stiffen.

Part of him thought maybe that was a sign he was doing too much.  He had been conditioned to pain and while he’d come a long way since he left HYDRA this felt like such an extreme his body wasn’t quite sure how to handle it.

He didn’t stop though.  His closed his arms around you and pulled you closer to him, the extra pressure of your body against his increasing the pleasure he was feeling.

You sucked on his bottom lip and he groaned and pulled back a little, letting you tug on it gently as he did.

“I might need to stop.”  He whispered, even though it was really the last thing he wanted to do.

You gently caressed his jaw and looked down into his eyes.  “What’s wrong?”

“I – I uh -”  He looked down at his now obvious erection.

“Oh.  Did you want to – ?”  You cocked your head towards the bedroom and quirked your eyebrows.

“No,”  He said a little too quickly.  “I mean.  Yes.  I do.  But… I don’t think I’ll last.”

You pulled back and looked at him and he started to wish a hole would open in the ground and swallow him whole.  “I’m okay going at whatever speed you like, Bucky.”

“It’s just… since HYDRA… What they did… I haven’t been…”  He stuttered.

You hummed and leaned in and nipped at his earlobe.  “Then you need some time to get used to us.  So let’s keep going as long as you’re still enjoying it.  And if you come.  Then that’s just fine by me.”

The heat of your breath as it tickled his neck combined with the teasing growl in your voice traveled right down his spine to his dick, making it jump and leak.  He nodded and pulled you back into a kiss.

It was just that.  Nothing more.  His hand at your jaw and his arm around your waist while yours were tangled in his hair.  You kissed deeply.  Hungrily.  Lips moving together, tongues dancing.  His whole body seemed like a live wire.  A strong current running through it making his nerves feel raw and exposed.

His cock was hard and throbbing.  Each movement of your lips and tug of his hair seemed to bring him closer and closer to the edge.  You moved your lips down his jaw and sucked on the pulse point under his ear as you unfastened his pants and pulled his cock out.  “You gonna come, Bucky?”  You purred against his ear.  “Let me see you.”  You sucked again, hard enough that if he were almost anyone else, he would have marked.

It was enough that it sent a jolt through him.  He jerked up under you and came on his stomach with a loud groan.

You pulled back and looked at him.  For a moment he felt embarrassed.  The thought that this was all it took made him feel inadequate.  You bit your bottom lip.  “That was so fucking hot.”  You said and leaned down and licked him clean.

His head fell back and his metal hand clutched at your hair as every thought of inadequacy was pushed aside.  “Jesus Christ.”  He gasped.

You licked him clean and sucked on his now over sensitive cock before sitting back up and tucking him away.  He looked up at you and blinked a little.  “You’re kind of unreal you know?”

You chuckled and curled in against his side.  “Hardly.”  You said.  “Bucky, I really like you okay.  If this is the first relationship since that, I don’t mind that you might need extra time to feel comfortable.”

He felt a tightening in his chest.  He was really falling for you hard and he was really starting to enjoy it.