Random Compilation of Thoughts

12-02-2019 08:02

Inspired by my lovely Spotify playlist, Random compilation of feelz.

Anyway the past month has been…. interesting. I’ve lost probably $50 gambling. The Patriots won the Super Bowl. The Grammy’s were incredible. I’ve read: Meditation is Not What You Think, The Girl on the Train, Powerball, the Death of Truth, and am getting through the Tipping Point. I’ve started to take notes on music theory. I’ve drank a lot of iced mochas- even some good ‘ole homemade lattes, courtesy of my sweet pal Z.

I went to Boston, walked through the Super Bowl parade, and explored the Institute of Contemperary Art (dope). I went to a weed farm and legally bought recreational marijuana, for the first time ever (sooooo dope). I twice made my parents nice fish dinners. I got a phone. I have gained weight and my basketball game is on PointGod.

Speaking of basketball, I fucking love that shit. I recapped what I’ve done for the past 5 days and it’s looked a little something like: watched basketball, watched a lot of basketball, watched more basketball, and then topped it off with some basketball. No joke, here’s the list of games I quite literally did not miss a play of:

Thursday– Lakers @ Celtics, Spurs @ Blazers
Friday– Nuggets @ Sixers, TWolves @ Pelicans
Saturday– Miami @ UNC, Duke @ UVA, Thunder @ Rockets
Sunday– Lakers @ Sixers, Heat @ Warriors*
*(ok I missed a couple plays, the Grammys were on)
Monday– UVA @ UNC,

The 3 college games, along with the Celtics, Sixers, Thunder, and Warriors games were fucking electric. Off the top of my head, I’d rank ‘em 1) Thunder/Rockets 2) Duke/UVA 3) UVA/UNC 4) Heat/Warriors 5) Miami/UNC 6) Nuggets/Sixers 7) Lakers/Celtics- this game was absolutely electric but you just hate to see the ‘tics drop one at home.

I could literally watch UVA basketball all day, which is shocking cause they are of course uber slow. But my god, Kyle Guy and Ty Jerome are the most NBA ready backcourt that will probably never make it to the NBA (they’re much better than TJ McConnell, right?). Guy is a brilliant shooter, and Jerome is sneaaaakky cold as shit. He’s got the glass figured out like Curry I swear, best layup package I’ve ever seen on a white dude. And how about Deandre Hunter? If I’m an NBA GM, I’m looking at him inside the top 6/7. Dude is a pro BALLER. UVA winning the chip no doubt. ACC tourney is going to be nuts. Tony Bennett is the king of the basketball world idc.

So pissed that the Warriors pulled some bullshit and beat the Heat. Josh Richardson and Justise Winslow are silly underrated. Both getting better and better and will continue to be a dynamic duo. The Heat are so good at drafting.

The best tweet I saw from the Rockets/Thunder game was of course from Trill Withers, “Paul George is so nice you forget his name Paul”. Couldn’t have put it better. Seriously though, when did Paul George become like the nastiest dude in the world?

The Girl on the Train was so fire, and can confirm that the book was better than the movie. I love Rachel Watson, I’d marry her if I could. The author did such a phenomenal job making her be the pseudo villain, but the twist being it was literally everyone else who was fucked up.

Friends from College (Netflix) was too fire. Could not have type casted better characters: the smoke with humor and charm that you are automatically in love with, the nerdy-but-dumb black guy, the hilariously cute gay dude, the SweetSexySavage (male, shoutout Kehlani though) player, the workhorse chick who needs a mental and physical break, and the pretentious hoe who is somehow also cute. Acting here is just phenomenal, 10/10.

I hate living in Caldwell so much. I want to live in Massachussetts, where the girls are smart and the weed is legal. And the Sox are Red. I can’t get any of that here. I am constantly drowned by the disappointment that lurks everywhere around me, how above me my peers think they are. I feel so bad for my mom. For her life. I want us all to move, for them to open a business and hire me as the manager. Or like, rent a second property so that I can live a fuckin life that’s not in this dystopian bullshit.

Tinder is the most bizarre development of my generation. Explain it rationally, you can’t.