Another Airline Pilot Suicide — MH370

18-06-2019 18:06

The linked article makes a convincing case that it was the captain that deliberately choreographed and executed the demise of MH370 and all souls aboard.

This leaves us with a different sort of event, a hijacking from within where no forced entry is required—by a pilot who runs amok. Reasonable people may resist the idea that a pilot would murder hundreds of innocent passengers as the collateral price of killing himself. The definitive response is that this has happened before. In 1997, a captain working for a Singaporean airline called SilkAir is believed to have disabled the black boxes of a Boeing 737 and to have plunged the airplane at supersonic speeds into a river.* In 1999, EgyptAir Flight 990 was deliberately crashed into the sea by its co-pilot off the coast of Long Island, resulting in the loss of everyone on board. In 2013, just months before MH370 disappeared, the captain of LAM Mozambique Airlines Flight 470 flew his Embraer E190 twin jet from cruising altitude into the ground, killing all 27 passengers and all six crew members. The most recent case is the Germanwings Airbus that was deliberately crashed into the French Alps on March 24, 2015, also causing the loss of everyone on board. Its co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz, had waited for the pilot to use the bathroom and then locked him out. Lubitz had a record of depression and—as investigations later discovered—had made a study of MH370’s disappearance, one year earlier.

Atlantic, July 2019

Unless you are an avid conspiracy buff, anti-vaxxer, anti-GMOer , or some other logic avoider, the case is pretty much closed.

We live in an age where all forms of suicidal and mass killing behaviors are becoming more prevalent. Human nature drives us to ask “Why”? I agree with Tolstoy that faith in “particles and progress” is meaningless. Our science tells us that people in poor countries have more meaningful lives than people in rich countries. Wisdom says that life without meaning is not worth living. Marketing says that life with their product is much more meaningful. I wonder what the truth is?

This article gives some statistical (damn lies and statistics!) support to the hypothesis that lack of meaning leads to bad things (mass shootings in atricle, but if you get killed with a gun, a knife, a hammer, or a plane, you are equally dead),

We moderns get MUCH more exposure to marketing than we do to wisdom. Media knows well that whatever you hear a lot will often be taken as “truth”. My guide is that whatever ever you hear A LOT, and “you have to be crazy if you don’t “know”” is definitely worth giving a strong bit of scrutiny.

Is the parent of a child that commtted suicide after being harrassed on social media still convinvced that “progress” is always beneficial? Wisdom would tell us that there is no “silver bullet” in this life — the garden has snakes, the apples have worms, and even anti-biotics can create “superbugs”.

There is something innate in our psyche that fears the “Frankenstein / Terninator scenario”. The progress cheerleaders will tell us that if we question one part of science (say AGW) the we MUST deny it all! ( do you detect a slight whiff of fundamentalism?) My belief is that there are ZERO perfect human solutions — they ALL deserve scrutiny,

A few more “MH370s” and I can imagine a push to self-protecting aircraft — the plane would refuse to execute commands that would damage or destroy it. Even though I’m not generally afraid of future tech, it is a path worth some thought,

Perhaps even cell phones deserve a bit more scrutiny?