Love me, love my mess

22-03-2019 21:03

Love me, love my mess? That’s too easy. Messy people are fun to love. Messy people are impulsive, creative, lively! The phrase should be, “love me, love the very specific way I organize my socks.” Because neat people are a lot less fun.



Clean queens.

I know, because I’m all of those things. At least I used to be. Now I have kids and I don’t have the luxury of keeping my house in the neat, clean, absolutely sterile state that I prefer.  That doesn’t mean I’ve fallen behind on cleaning my house. TRUST ME I HAVEN’T. I estimate that I spend 95% of my time at home picking things up or wiping things down (and that estimate is conservative). You just can’t tell anymore because all my work is immediately undone by two toddlers.

Mintel data shows that about one third of moms say they’re more likely to regularly clean their homes after having kids. And cleaning is by far the #1 task that moms say they want more help with. Even so, our houses may never feel clean – we’re barely staving off complete chaos. But part of becoming a parent is adjusting expectations. Changing. Maturing. Being flexible. Sitting in crumbs.

It isn’t easy and I still complain about it on the daily. But I’ve chosen to have kids so now I have to love me and love my mess.