Best of the Internet: July 12, 2019

12-07-2019 19:07

Jar Jar Binks Is Back, We’re Raiding Area 51 and Donald Trump Loves Kidneys…

Time moves so fast on the internet it’s easy to miss some of its best moments. Instead of browsing for hours and scrolling past boring content trying to catch up, we compiled a list of the internet’s best for the last few weeks. Don’t forget to check out last week… Enjoy!

New National Anthem?

Someone’s definitely in trouble after accidentally playing the wrong song when Dodgers fans were supposed to be hearing the National Anthem

Short Guy Has Short Temper

The internet exploded this week when a viral video made its rounds showing an angry man ranting at his local bagel shop. His problem? People don’t like him because he’s short. Something tells us it’s probably his horrible personality — not his height.

… and then TMZ caught the guy and asked him what actually happened. Turns out he’s just an awful person…

Putin Shows His Face

…in a raw piece of steak.

People are Going to Raid Area 51

Apparently there’s a plan in the works to raid Area 51 at the end of September. Why? Probably because Bob Lazar has begun showing his face again (not in steak), and now everyone is demanding answers. Needless to say it sparked the funniest memes of the week.

Jar Jar Binks Was Trending

… because people wanted to know why he was trending. Jar Jar stans were everywhere!

Donald Trump Has Strong Feeling About Kidneys

Apparently they have a very special place in the heart…

Stray Dog Saves Woman from Mugger

Honorable Mentions

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